Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

EIHA and its new standard in the CBD industry

SAS Biostructure: new company in Éco-parc de Châtel-Guyon

Sustainability and growth in the hemp&cannabis industry: Synbiotic

How Germany’s cannabis legalisation impacts other countries?

Germany: protection zones with the “Bubatzkarte”

Netherlands: transition phase of coffee shop experiment in June

Spain as 7th world’s medical cannabis production


Allora Labs: pioneering approach in cannabis analysis

Medical cannabis as a solution for chronic neuropathic pain

CannabizEU: top cannabis topics of 2023

Promising future of medical cannabis in Spain: €335 Million by 2030

Prescription cannabis for medical use now legal in Greece


Aldi Süd sells hemp amid Germany’s looming cannabis legalization

Prescriptions for medical cannabis in Poland: 100 times more!

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