Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Bedrocan establishes its own cannabis clinical research unit

Bedrocan establishes its own cannabis clinical research unit

Bedrocan, a leading producer of pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis, has inaugurated its Clinical Research Unit dedicated to exploring the effects of its cannabis products. It is a shift from solely supporting external research to conducting in-house investigations. Thus, Bedrocan has a proactive approach towards understanding the therapeutic potential and safety profiles of cannabis-based medications.

Medical cannabis clinical research

Headed by renowned Dutch cannabis researcher Matthijs Bossong, the Clinical Research Unit, located in Utrecht, Netherlands, embodies Bedrocan’s commitment to advancing scientific understanding in the field of medical cannabis. For years, the company has been a stalwart supporter of external researchers financially. However, with the establishment of its research arm, Bedrocan aims to take the reins in shaping the direction of cannabis research.

Chief Scientific Officer Mikael Kowal expressed his enthusiasm for the launch. He stated:

“Much research is being done worldwide with these products, but then other scientists decide what is being investigated. Now, we take the lead by conducting our own research.”

This shift empowers Bedrocan to delve deeper into the effects of its flagship products, Bedrocan® and Bediol®, under controlled conditions indeed. Therefore it will be contributing valuable insights into their optimal use and potential risks.

The maiden study, approved by a Medical Ethics Committee, will focus on evaluating the risk factors associated with cannabis use, with a particular emphasis on mitigating anxiety and psychotic symptoms. Thus, the research endeavours to furnish healthcare providers and patients with evidence-based guidance on the safe and efficacious use of medical cannabis.

Medical cannabis research future

Looking ahead, the Clinical Research Unit envisages a comprehensive research program targeting pertinent scientific inquiries, notably chronic neuropathic pain. Matthijs Bossong elucidated, “There is scientific evidence that medicinal cannabis can help with certain conditions, including chronic pain. However, the problem with clinical research with cannabis is that there are large differences between studies.” By utilising Bedrocan’s standardised products, the research aims to address the variability inherent in cannabis studies, thereby bolstering the credibility of findings and fostering greater confidence among medical practitioners in prescribing medicinal cannabis.

CEO Jaap Erkelens hailed the establishment of the Clinical Research Unit as a watershed moment for Bedrocan.

“Bedrocan can now conduct targeted research into the effects of the cannabis products it produces on behalf of the Dutch government.”

He emphasised the imperative of securing official recognition of the safety and efficacy of these products, underscoring the company’s unwavering commitment to upholding the highest regulatory standards.

As an EU GMP-certified producer, Bedrocan surely exemplifies excellence in pharmaceutical-grade cannabis production. Its state-of-the-art facilities and unwavering dedication to scientific rigour underscore its position as a vanguard in the medicinal cannabis industry. With the inauguration of its Clinical Research Unit, Bedrocan embarks on a transformative journey towards advancing scientific understanding, driving innovation, and ultimately, enhancing patient care in the realm of medicinal cannabis.


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