Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Poland: Curaleaf acquires Can4Med

Poland: Curaleaf acquires Can4Med

Curaleaf International, a subsidiary of Curaleaf Holdings and Europe’s largest vertically integrated cannabis company, has taken a significant leap forward in its mission to enhance patient access to medical cannabis across Europe with its recent acquisition of Can4Med, a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler specialising in cannabinoid medications in Poland.

Background of the acquistion

Poland, with one of the largest patient populations seeking medical cannabis in Europe, presents a promising landscape for growth and innovation in the sector. The strategic move by Curaleaf International to join forces with Can4Med shows its commitment to meeting the increasing demand for high-quality medical cannabis products in the region.

Matt Darin is a CEO of Curaleaf. He said:

“This acquisition represents a significant step forward for Curaleaf International. Poland’s medical cannabis market is expanding rapidly, and our partnership with Can4Med allows us to better serve patients while driving growth across Europe.”

Can4Med has expertise in pharmaceutical wholesaling and distribution of medical cannabis and products containing cannabinoids. So, it is in a postion to play a critical role in ensuring patients in Poland have access to safe and effective treatments. The company’s pharmaceutical wholesaler licence, permitting the marketing and distribution of narcotics for medical purposes, provides a solid foundation for Curaleaf International to expand its product offerings and serve the needs of patients in the region.

“We are thrilled that Can4Med, a pioneering force in Poland’s cannabis market, has joined forces with Curaleaf, the global leader in cannabis. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in our journey, ensuring an unparalleled supply chain that positions us to meet and exceed the demands of the entire Polish market,” said Maximilian Weinberg, founder of Can4Med.

Potential of Polish medical cannabis market

The Polish Pharmaceutical Chamber estimates a potential of up to 300,000 medical cannabis users in the country, with the number of legal cannabis users (both medical and CBD) expected to reach 1.3 million by 2026. This growth trajectory is supported by a network of medical professionals authorised to prescribe cannabis. It all reflects a growing acceptance of its therapeutic benefits.

In 2023, Poland experienced a remarkable surge in medical cannabis adoption, distributing over 3,000 kilograms of medical cannabis, signalling a significant shift in attitudes towards its use. There are some complexities of the registration process for producers and patients in Poalnd. However, Curaleaf International, through its subsidiary Four 20 Pharma GmbH, has emerged as a leading licensed producer in the Polish market.

Poland can be at the forefront of the European cannabis market. Thus, Curaleaf International’s acquisition of Can4Med strengthens its position as a trusted provider of cannabis-based medicines. It will be able to meet the evolving needs of patients while driving innovation and growth in the region. With a shared commitment to quality, accessibility, and patient care, this partnership signifies a new era of possibilities for both companies and their customers.


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