Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Netherlands: transition phase of coffee shop experiment in June

Netherlands: transition phase of coffee shop experiment to begin in June

Starting from June 17, 2024, coffee shops in municipalities participating in the experiment will be allowed to sell both tolerated and regulated products. It is expected that a transition phase of three months will suffice to optimize the quantity, quality, and diversity of the regulated products.

Therefore, it has been decided to extend the transition phase to 3 months instead of 6 weeks and link conditions to the start of the experimentation phase. After the transition phase, the experimentation phase will begin, during which only regulated cannabis may be sold in the participating municipalities.

Experimentation phase

It is crucial that the experimentation phase only begins when the regulated supply meets the conditions regarding quantity, quality, and diversity. Coffee shop owners deem it essential that multiple growers are ready to supply, ensuring a diverse range of products.

If the supply at the start of the experimentation phase is insufficient, the risk of illegal (street) trade increases. Therefore, the decision has been made to extend the transition phase to allow sufficient time to meet these conditions. The start of the experimentation phase is scheduled for September 16, 2024.

Initial experiences

Regulated cannabis has generally been well-received by customers of coffee shops in Tilburg and Breda. So far, the initiation phase has proven useful in gathering feedback on issues encountered by coffee shop owners, growers, and regulators. Initial user experiences with the track & trace system are being utilized to enhance the system and inform future users. Insights gained during the initiation phase in Breda and Tilburg will be shared with all participating municipalities to facilitate a smooth start to the transition phase.

From the initial experiences, it has been found that limiting regulated cannabis to a maximum of 500 grams in coffee shops is practically unfeasible. Following discussions with the involved parties, it has been decided that mayors can increase the maximum stock of regulated cannabis in coffee shops to a one-week supply.

The ongoing adaptation and refinement of regulations based on practical experiences underline the experimental nature of this initiative. As the transition phase unfolds, it is anticipated that further insights will emerge, shaping the future direction of cannabis regulation in the Netherlands.


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