Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Germany: protection zones with the “Bubatzkarte”

Germany: protection zones with the "Bubatzkarte"

As legalisation initiatives for cannabis gain traction, regulatory measures are being put in place to ensure responsible consumption. One such measure involves the establishment of designated “protection zones” where cannabis consumption is prohibited. These zones typically require a 200-metre distance to be maintained from the entrance areas of cultivation associations, schools, youth centres, playgrounds, and publicly accessible sports facilities.

How Bubatzkarte can help?

To aid in navigating these zones, a software developer from Koblenz has introduced the “Bubatzkarte” (slang for cannabis). Initially developed out of personal interest, the Bubatzkarte serves as a valuable tool for individuals seeking clarity on where these consumption restrictions apply. Leveraging freely accessible geodata from OpenStreetMap, the map highlights areas where consumption bans are enforced, marking them in red. Accessible for the entire country of Germany, the Bubatzkarte provides a comprehensive overview of the protection zones, aiding users in understanding the boundaries within which cannabis consumption is restricted.

The implementation of protection zones represents a proactive approach to balancing the legalisation of cannabis with public safety concerns. By delineating specific areas where consumption is prohibited, authorities aim to mitigate potential risks associated with cannabis use, particularly in proximity to sensitive locations frequented by children and adolescents.

For individuals who may be unaware of these regulations or seeking to abide by them responsibly, the Bubatzkarte offers a user-friendly solution. Whether it’s ensuring compliance with local laws or simply respecting the surrounding community, having access to clear and up-to-date information regarding protection zones is crucial.

Moreover, the development of tools like the Bubatzkarte underscores the role of technology in facilitating informed decision-making in an evolving legal landscape. By harnessing geospatial data and user-friendly interfaces, individuals can navigate complex regulations with ease, promoting greater adherence to legal requirements and fostering a culture of responsible consumption.

As attitudes towards cannabis continue to evolve and legislative frameworks adapt accordingly, initiatives such as the Bubatzkarte serve as valuable resources for both consumers and authorities alike. By providing clarity and transparency regarding protection zones, these tools contribute to a safer and more informed approach to cannabis legalisation, ultimately benefiting communities across Germany.


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Germany: protection zones with the “Bubatzkarte”

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