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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Prescription cannabis for medical use now legal in Greece

Prescription cannabis for medical use now legal in Greece

Greece has taken a big step in healthcare by allowing doctors to prescribe cannabis for medical reasons. Starting February 19, patients dealing with tough conditions like chemotherapy side effects, multiple sclerosis pain, and severe, unresponsive pain now have legal access to cannabis-based medicines. This move marks a turning point in Greece’s healthcare system.

A milestone for healthcare

Now, specialists like anesthesiologists, neurologists, and pathologists specialising in areas like cancer and infections can prescribe cannabis meds. These prescriptions last for six months but need to be reviewed by another specialist after that time.

However, as Dr. Chrysoula Karanastasi of the Greek Medical Society for Cannabinoids notes, it’s crucial to realize that cannabis isn’t a panacea. Every patient requires a custom treatment plan, and determining the appropriate dosage requires patience and collaboration between medical professionals and patients.

One thing to keep in mind is that these medications are not covered by insurance in Greece. Having access to medical cannabis is a significant step forward for assisting those with serious medical difficulties, even though it might be expensive for some.

Recreational versus medical

Greece permits the medical use of cannabis but prohibits its recreational use. Greece continues to prohibit cannabis for recreational use, in contrast to many other European nations. Discussions regarding whether or not it should be decriminalized are sparked by this.

Legalization proponents argue that it may ensure safer products, better regulate the black market, and cut off funding to criminal organizations. Opponents, however, including a large number of medical professionals and legislators, are concerned that legalizing cannabis could encourage more young people to use it and develop an addiction to it.

These worries are supported by recent data from the International Narcotics Control Board. It demonstrates that the prevalence of cannabis-related health issues has increased in areas where the drug is legal.

Greece must strike a balance between patient needs and public health and safety as it works out cannabis regulations. Greece has demonstrated its dedication to enhancing healthcare by legalizing medical cannabis. Though it’s a tightrope walk, it’s opening doors for more informed medical cannabis choices.


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