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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Prescription cannabis for medical use now legal in Greece

Prescription cannabis for medical use now legal in Greece

Greece has taken a big step in healthcare by allowing doctors to prescribe cannabis for medical reasons. Starting February 19, patients dealing with tough conditions like chemotherapy side effects, multiple sclerosis pain, and severe, unresponsive pain now have legal access to cannabis-based medicines. This move marks a turning point in Greece’s healthcare system.

A milestone for healthcare

Now, specialists like anesthesiologists, neurologists, and pathologists specialising in areas like cancer and infections can prescribe cannabis meds. These prescriptions last for six months but need to be reviewed by another specialist after that time.

However, it’s important to understand that cannabis isn’t a cure-all, as Dr. Chrysoula Karanastasi from the Greek Medical Society for Cannabinoids points out. Each patient needs a personalised treatment plan, and finding the right dose takes time and cooperation between patients and doctors.

One thing to note is that insurance doesn’t cover the cost of these medicines in Greece. While this might be a financial burden for some, having access to medical cannabis is a big step forward in helping people with serious medical issues.

Medical vs recreational

While Greece is allowing medical cannabis, it’s still saying no to recreational use. Unlike some other European countries, Greece is keeping recreational cannabis illegal. This sparks debates about whether it should be decriminalised or not.

Supporters of legalisation say it could help control the illegal market, ensure safer products, and cut off money to criminal groups. But opponents, including many doctors and policymakers, worry that making it easier to get cannabis could lead to more young people using it and getting addicted.

Recent data from the International Narcotics Control Board backs up these concerns. It shows that in places where cannabis is legal, there’s been an increase in cannabis-related health problems.

As Greece figures out how to regulate cannabis, it’s important to balance the needs of patients with public health and safety. Legalising medical cannabis shows Greece’s commitment to improving healthcare. It’s a delicate balance, but it’s paving the way for better-informed decisions about medical cannabis.


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