Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


CannabizEU: top cannabis topics of 2023

CannabizEU: top topics of 2023

As we embark on a new year, the landscape of various industries is rapidly evolving, bringing forth innovative breakthroughs and significant changes. In this article, we delve into some of the top topics of 2023, exploring the latest developments in the realms of CBD research, medical cannabis certifications, sustainable practices in the hemp industry, and the evolving landscape of CBD advertising and activism on social media.

CBD and its impact on our health

CBD, or cannabidiol, works by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). It is a complex network of cell receptors and signaling molecules that help regulate a wide range of physiological processes, including mood, pain, appetite, and immune function. The exact mechanisms are still being studied. However, research suggests that the potential therapeutic uses can be also analgesic, anxiolytic, and antipsychotic. Let’s check what were the top topics concerning CBD in 2023.

Liver: a toxicologist’s perspective

Cannabidiol and its effects on the liver have become a central focus for toxicologists. According to expert opinions, CBD can have different impacts on the liver based on dosage, with potential risks associated with high doses, especially when combined with other medications. The call for more comprehensive research, long-term studies, and collaboration between academic institutions, research groups, and industry stakeholders emphasizes the commitment to maximizing CBD’s potential while ensuring consumer health and safety.

CBD for Leigh Syndrome

As we recently wrote, EMA made a remarkable decision. It designated cannabidiol (CBD) as an orphan drug for the treatment of Leigh syndrome, a rare mitochondrial disorder. Researchers from the Mitochondrial Neuropathology Research Group at the UAB Institut de Neurociències (INc-UAB), including Drs. Emma Puighermanal, Albert Quintana, and Elisenda Sanz, petitioned for this judgement. Each identification of an orphan drug is a key step in developing new therapies for rare diseases with few available therapeutic choices.

Top European companies updates

The cannabis industry continues its dynamic evolution, marked by groundbreaking achievements and strategic advancements in 2023. We overviewed latest updates from prominent cannabis companies. From significant developments in medical cannabis certifications to innovative collaborations and sustainability initiatives. These updates underscore the resilience and growth of cannabis companies in navigating the complex landscape of regulations, market dynamics, and consumer expectations.

Swisscann and GMP Certification

In the ever-evolving medical cannabis industry, Swisscann Tec AG has achieved a significant milestone with its Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification. This certification positions the company as a leader in the sector, setting a benchmark for quality and innovation. Swisscann Tec AG’s commitment to excellence is evident, marking a crucial step forward in advancing the application of medical cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals’ development

In a move towards advancing cannabis-based drugs, SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals’ partnership with Canna Forest marks a significant step forward. This collaboration showcases the dedication of both companies to providing high-quality medical treatments worldwide, offering patients a range of products with various extract APIs. The partnership emphasizes innovation and the pursuit of the right mix of medicinal extracts for individual patient needs.

Ukrainian Hemp®: a sustainable future

A company established with the goal of supplying industrial hemp raw materials to various sectors. Ukrainian Hemp® is committed to reducing the environmental impact of businesses, particularly in the sustainable packaging industry. By harnessing the natural qualities of industrial hemp, the company aims to surpass traditional sources like wood cellulose in terms of sustainability and usefulness, contributing to a more environmentally friendly supply chain.

Ananda Developments in 2023

Ananda Developments PLC has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the realm of cannabinoid-based medicines. It marked a series of recent achievements that underscore its commitment to innovation and research. The introduction of MRX1 and MRX2, coupled with ongoing clinical trials and patent pursuits, reflects the company’s dedication to advancing medical solutions. Ananda aspires to make a substantial impact on the medical sector. Particularly with the potential support of the NHS on the horizon. The company’s emphasis on providing medications to those in need, especially for non-pharmaceutical pain management options, presents a promising future for patients seeking alternatives.

Ananda Developments has a global leadership position in innovation and research. Its pioneering mission aims to redefine cannabinoid-based medications. All by its ambitious endometriosis randomized controlled trial utilizing the innovative MRX1 cannabidiol oil. Supported by the Chief Scientist Office, this venture receives substantial non-dilutive funding, amounting to £300,000, showcasing Ananda’s commitment to advancing medical research and solutions.

CBD market changes

A comprehensive report on the European CBD market highlights Germany’s continued dominance, accounting for over 30% of the market share. The report identifies Austria, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom as crucial markets with potential for growth. The European CBD market is characterized by fragmentation, with numerous small and medium-sized businesses competing. However, the analysis predicts future consolidation. It is because larger businesses seek to enhance market share. Additionally, smaller ones navigate heightened competition and regulatory pressures.

Meta’s approach to CBD advertising

Another top topic for cannabis industry was the new approach for CBD advertising managed by Meta. This parent company of social media giants Facebook, Instagram, and Thread, has adopted a groundbreaking approach to CBD advertising. By changing its advertising policy from “Hemp and related products” to “CBD and related products,” Meta signals a readiness to embrace the expanding CBD market. This move takes into account the changing attitudes toward cannabis-derived goods and encourages ethical marketing practices.

Germany: cannabis legalisation

And, finally, all the turbulences within cannabis Germany in the year 2023. This country finds itself at the forefront of a transformative journey in the realm of cannabis legalisation. It is navigating a path that balances the potential benefits with the legal intricacies involved. The cannabis industry, buoyed by anticipation, looks to Germany as a potential powerhouse with the prospect of legalisation on the horizon.

Yet, the journey is riddled with legal complexities, as fears persist that international and EU laws might impede or slow down the ambitious project. Government ministers justify their measures by emphasising the overarching goal of combating the illegal cannabis market and related criminal activities. A notable initiative its the establishment of Cannabis Social Clubs in Germany. It signifies a progressive step towards providing a legal and credible source of cannabis, while also addressing concerns about the black market’s ties to organised crime. The German government meticulously evaluates diverse approaches to legalisation. Thus, considerations extend to repurposing also old sheds into these social clubs, showcasing an innovative and adaptable approach.

Simultaneously, Germany grapples with the intricacies of cannabis and youth protection, as proposed legislation takes centre stage. This legislative advancement represents a substantial step forward. But it also sparks debates about adolescent protection and drug policies. It draws input from various sectors such as health professionals, educators, law enforcement, and advocacy groups. The German Bundestag’s prolonged efforts toward cannabis legalisation. It included scientific services cooperation, what underscored the commitment to a comprehensive and well-informed decision-making process, even as scepticism about compliance with European law is expressed by the scientific service. Germany’s initiatives navigate a cautious path. However they may serve as a model for countries grappling with similar issues. Germany shows the importance of evidence-based policies and comprehensive youth protection measures for a healthier and safer future generation.

The power of Twitter in Germany: #Weedmob

Social media’s influence is evident in Germany, where the #Weedmob trend on Twitter was gaining momentum. This social media activism aimed to raise awareness and mobilize the Federal Constitutional Court to address pending judgments related to cannabis. The power of Twitter is harnessed to unite activists, transcend boundaries, and bring attention to issues that demand justice.

Let’s summarise 2023

The top topics of 2023 reflect the dynamic nature of industries related to CBD, medical cannabis and hemp. As these trends unfold, they signify a collective commitment to innovation, sustainability, and responsible practices, paving the way for a future that maximizes the potential of these industries while prioritizing the well-being of consumers and the planet.


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