Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Cannovum Cannabis and Chillisimo: cannabis clubs partnership

Cannovum Cannabis and Chillisimo join forces for cannabis club partnership

Exciting changes are taking place in Germany’s cannabis scene as the global cannabis business continues to grow. An innovative connection is about to propel Cannovum Cannabis AG, a pioneering German cannabis business, forward significantly. A premium cannabis club organisation named Chillisimo has been welcomed as Cannovum’s majority-owned company, Anbau-Allianz für Deutschland GmbH, dream partner for the future legalisation of recreational cannabis in Germany.

Chillisimo background

Overall, Chillisimo is a growing brand club association that unites passionate cannabis enthusiasts to celebrate all aspects of this culture. The result of their persistent commitment to providing members with quality experiences is the development of clubs in important German towns like Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, and others. Chillisimo is positioned to establish itself as a major role in the developing cannabis business as additional cities join their ranks.

Emanuel Kotzian, the founder and general director of Chillisimo, expressed his appreciation at collaborating with Cannovum Cannabis AG and the Anbau-Allianz für Deutschland. When dealing with German farmers who are aware of the value of following laws, sustainability, and safety requirements in the country, Kotzian underlined the necessity of cultivation and cultivation techniques in the cannabis sector. The premium strategy of Chillisimo and Anbau-Allianz’s dedication to superior cultivation promise well for the future of cannabis in Germany.

Chillisimo and Cannovum in the Alliance

Together, both Cannovum Cannabis AG and Anbau-Allianz will create exclusive cannabis products. They will be ideal for Chillisimo’s discerning members as part of their cooperation. The relationship demonstrates enormous potential and financial prospects that legalising cannabis may bring to Germany. The alliance will likely drive the industry’s expansion in the medium term. All with the ambition for several thousand clubs around the country.

Anbau-Allianz’s managing director, Tim Spieker, underlined the alliance’s commitment to provide quality products to German consumers. However, they want to keep strict safety standards for cultivation and processing. The alliance intends to elevate the cannabis experience for consumers. It wants to establish new standards for the industry by embracing best practices in agriculture.

Germany on its way to legalise cannabis

The timing of this collaboration couldn’t be more ideal then. The Federal Ministry of Health of Germany just confirmed cannabis clubs in the Cannabis Act draft. Adults who reside in or often stay in Germany will be able to join a cannabis club. It will be possible to purchase up to 50 grams of cannabis each month for personal use under the proposed legislation.

Cannovum Cannabis AG calculated that each cannabis club has a revenue potential of 2.4 million euros per year. However, with a potential membership of up to 500 members and an anticipated dispensing price of 8 euros per gram.

The exclusive cooperation with Chillisimo represents a significant turning point for Cannovum Cannabis AG. It now gets closer to being the first German cannabis company to list on the stock exchange. The German cannabis market’s future is expected to be shaped by this strategic cooperation. The alliance will also define how cannabis enthusiasts interact with their preferred plant.

Thus, all eyes are on this historic cooperation and the possibilities it has for the thriving cannabis industry. German cannabis enthusiasts are in for an extraordinary adventure into the world of premium cannabis experiences. All thanks to the collaboration of Cannovum Cannabis AG, Anbau-Allianz für Deutschland, and Chillisimo.


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