Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


GrowLab Organics and Cancard – access to medical cannabis

GrowLab Organics and Cancard Revolutionize Access to Medicinal Cannabis

GrowLab Organics, a British medical cannabis business with offices on the Isle of Man, has partnered with Cancard, a ground-breaking ID card program, to establish a revolutionary community-owned medical cannabis farm.

Cannabis partnership details

GrowLab Organics (GLO) distinguishes itself by emphasising the creation of premium cannabis products using customised organic growing techniques. Their authorised facility on the Isle of Man runs numerous flower and drying rooms. It generates more than 20 different strains every year. They use heat, energy, and water recovery technologies, as well as the recycling of plant stalks for packaging. It shows GLO’s dedication to the environment and sustainability. Additionally, GLO has created proprietary supply chain technology. It guarantees transparency and provides insightful input on how various strains affect symptoms and illnesses.

Cancard was created in association with physicians and with the backing of influential Police Federation officials. Patients who suffer with the cost of pricey prescriptions have been left in a condition of confusion despite the legalisation of cannabis medicines in 2018. Police officers can use the Cancard as an identity card. Thus there is a discretion when dealing with patients who are in possession of medical cannabis.

Cancard is giving patients the chance to buy company shares in an unprecedented move. With just 10 days left, the campaign has raised more than £4 million in just 30 days. Twenty firm shares can be purchased by patients for an early upgrade charge of £20. With this payment, they receive a fully supported appointment with a medical cannabis clinic run by a private clinician in addition to the next 12 months of Cancard membership. The clinic and Cancard have a partnership. It guarantees that these appointments are completely free, making access to medical cannabis as affordable as access to the NHS.

Through this cooperation, patients will have better access, affordability, and choice while also becoming active participants in the business. Cancard offers an answer for those who cannot afford expensive prescriptions by bridging the gap between patients, doctors, and the police. The initiative gained a lot of interest since the recent announcement of a special opportunity to buy company shares.

Commitment to high quality and cannabis patients

The idea has already attracted a lot of interest and support also from celebrities. Their participation demonstrates the need for change and the motivation to put the needs of patients first. The project intends to give safe and secure access to high-quality cannabis medication. However, it will also expand understanding of the plant’s capabilities by developing a model that includes medical professionals, scientists, the legacy market, and patients.

The partnership between GrowLab Organics and Cancard represents an important move forward in the access and affordability of medical cannabis in the UK. The project gives the community some authority. Moreover, it also emphasises their views by including patients as stakeholders and giving them the chance to buy shares.

GLO is a pioneer in the medical cannabis sector thanks to its combination of medical knowledge, advanced technology, and a dedication to sustainability. The project has the potential to have a long-lasting influence on the lives of millions of patients who are in need as it picks up steam and attracts support from celebrities and the general public.


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