Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Ukrainian Hemp®: cultivating a sustainable future in the hemp industry

Ukrainian Hemp cannabis field

Established in 2021 by European Material Bank GmbH, Ukrainian Hemp® is a company that has left a big mark on the industrial hemp market. With a mission of supplying raw materials from industrial hemp into different sectors, Ukrainian Hemp® aims to reduce the environmental impact of these industries.

Since its founding, the business has changed and faced specific challenges in the context of hemp farming in Ukraine. Based on our talk with Michael Marchuk, the company’s Managing Director, we will examine the background, difficulties, offerings, and goals of Ukrainian Hemp®. Together we will shed light on the company’s place in the international hemp industry as well as its sustainable future goals.

Ukrainian Hemp®: a brief history

EMBA established Ukrainian Hemp® in 2021 with the goal of supplying industrial hemp raw materials to a range of sectors. The company’s goal is primarily to reduce the environmental impact of these businesses, especially the sustainable packaging industry, which is significantly dependent on the supply of wood cellulose. When processed properly, industrial hemp’s natural qualities can surpass those of wood cellulose in terms of sustainability and usefulness.

Products & projects

But what does the Ukrainian Hemp® specialises in? Its main products are hemp seed, hemp fibre, and hemp shive. Additionally, the company can develop various specialised products and specific raw materials like HempPulp® for the packaging industry. Ukrainian Hemp® works closely with key players to customise raw materials which facilitate a smooth supply chain integration.

Ukrainian Hemp® concentrates mainly on advancements in material processing rather than cultivation optimization. That is why the company works with organisations like ATB Leibniz in Potsdam to find innovations in technology for industrial hemp. As Ukrainian Hemp® says, partnerships with organisations such as CzecHemp, EMPPA, HempClub, and EIHA also help in identifying market needs and contributing to the global discussion on meeting them.

Ukrainian Hemp® benefits from excellent possibilities to converse with regulators, industry stakeholders, investors, and customers through its memberships in the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) and the European Moulded Pulp Producers Association (EMPPA). Firstly, the company is able to get crucial information during the legislative process. Moreover, thanks to these connections it can coordinate its operations with stakeholder’s expectations.

Regulatory and legal aspects

As Ukrainian Hemp® highlights, the cultivation of industrial hemp in Ukraine presents a distinct set of difficulties. With strict standards for agronomy and legal compliance, the regulatory environment is not very beneficial. For example, one of the lowest THC levels globally is required for dried straw — 0.08%. Furthermore, an extended bureaucratic process must be completed in order to acquire a licence to cultivate hemp. This is a thing which limits farmers’ flexibility and undermines the concepts of crop rotation and biodiversity.

The regulatory environment is made more complex by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine’s designation of hemp as an “opiod culture”. There is uncertainty and conflict between the government and the sector as a result of this classification. This legislation requires the ministry ‘s approval for any actions pertaining to hemp. Crop rotation and flexibility are restricted by outdated laws, such as the need for farmers to indicate the locations of their crops for the next five years when applying for a license.

Contributing to sustainability

Nevertheless, above challenges, Ukrainian Hemp® focuses on its goals. It aims to replace artificially produced products with hemp-based substitutes. As the Managing Director, Michael Marchuk says:

“We have positioned our mission above these challenges, because we perceive the dangers resulting through climate change equally important and if we have an opportunity to address these dangers – we should do this.”

Through the use of industrial hemp’s unique attributes, the company supports environmentally beneficial and sustainable solutions across over 1,000 applications. Despite the challenging business environment, Ukrainian Hemp® has been able to confront the concerns of climate change because of its ambition and commitment to its purpose.

Ukrainian Hemp® promotes environmentally friendly growth in the business and around the world. The industry itself offers a wide range of career options, resulting in a workforce that is knowledgeable and well-rounded. Globally, industrial hemp provides sustainable substitutes in more than 1,000 uses, opening up new career opportunities and views for coming generations.

Moreover, the company look at local impact of the business. Bringing back the hemp industry in Ukraine is a complex process that requires cooperation across the entire production level. However, Ukrainian Hemp® focuses on educating people about hemp’s advantages. Additionally, it backs up this goal with scientific proof demonstrating the industry’s beneficial effects. The industry renaissance picks up steam as the advantages become more obvious, helping the regional economy and agriculture.

Future plans and global role

In the future, Ukrainian Hemp® intends to play a significant role in the world’s supply of commodities and agricultural goods, including industrial hemp. To facilitate the shift away from fossil-based materials, the company wants to increase the renewable materials’ production. The company wants to address the demands of international partners, particularly those in the EEC, South America, and North America. That is why Ukrainian Hemp® is enhancing production techniques, quality management, product traceability, and ecological efficiency.

Ukrainian Hemp®’s path from its creation in 2021 to its current role comes from innovation and a dedication to sustainability. Despite challenges, the business is shaping the industrial hemp sector, promoting progress and providing environmentally beneficial options. With an eye toward sustainability, Ukrainian Hemp® aims to make a big contribution to changing the world’s supply chain.


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