Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Cultivation Alliance for Germany

Cannovum Cannabis AG, listed on various stock exchanges, has signed an agreement to form the “Cultivation Alliance for Germany GmbH”. Another term for it is Anbau-Allianz für Deutschland.

The founders of Anbau-Allianz GmbH include co-founders Tim Spieker and Elimar Moormann. Tim Spieker, Klaus Madzia, Pia Marten, and Elimar Moormann are in charge of operational management.

What is the purpose of the alliance?

The alliance wants to promote the legalisation of cannabis for recreational use in Germany. All with a focus on top-notch, ethical and environmentally responsible methods of cultivation. In the upcoming weeks, larger businesses are anticipated to join the collaboration.

Through the Cultivation Alliance for Germany, managing director Tim Spieker expressed enthusiasm about promoting the availability of recreational cannabis in Germany. In overall, the emphasis will be on creating products and services that help operators of cannabis clubs grow premium marijuana. Premium quality, legal compliance, and ecological sustainability will be the priorities. The association attempts to assemble the most effective methods used in German agriculture.

The Cultivation Alliance is a significant step in strengthening cultivators and club operators in light of the statements made by German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach on the legalisation of cannabis. The alliance wants to establish a network that links professionals from various sectors. In order to facilitate knowledge sharing within the cannabis industry, they seek to bring together people from fields like production, technology, and distribution. To summarise, tobjective is to actively influence the legalisation of cannabis in the future.

Cannovum Cannabis AG’s CEO, Pia Marten, emphasised the business’ substantial background in the medical marijuana industry. Thus, it will be an important resource for the “Anbau-Allianz für Deutschland”. The company’s expertise will play a significant role in introducing outcomes of legal changes from legislators.


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