Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Cannovum Cannabis: focus on cannabis legalisation and management changes

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German cannabis company Cannovum Cannabis AG, which is listed on many stock exchanges, has declared a strategic decision to fully focus on the upcoming legalisation of cannabis in Germany. The company will outsource its current profitable medical business as part of this shift in focus. Moreover, managerial changes will also be made. This action demonstrates the company’s dedication to dominating the rapidly developing cannabis business and seizing the opportunities that lie ahead.

Cannovum managerial changes

First of all, Cannovum Cannabis AG will shift its medical cannabis division to a new company in order to better match its activities with the approaching legalisation. This new company will be “Cannovum Health eG”. The company’s founder and board member Pia Marten will lead a management buy-out to carry out this decision.

In accordance with the buy-out agreement, Pia Marten will take over as CEO of the newly established business, Cannovum Health eG, which will concentrate on the regulated medical cannabis industry. Cannovum Cannabis AG will continue to have 25% ownership of Cannovum Health eG.

Thus, Pia Marten will step down from her position on the Cannovum Cannabis AG Management Board once the management buy-out is complete. Klaus Madzia will now oversee the strategic direction and operations of the company as the sole CEO. This change represents not only fresh ideas. It also confirm Cannovum Cannabis AG’s commitment for success in the emerging cannabis industry. Additionally, Pia Marten emphasised the company’s dedication to the regulated medicinal cannabis market. Cannovum Health eG’s primary area of focus will be extract distribution. However they still want to meet the demands of medical cannabis patients with high-quality products.

The billion-dollar opportunity

The chosen CEO of Cannovum Cannabis, Klaus Madzia, stated his confidence over the approaching legalisation of cannabis in Germany. He made it clear that the business views this as a special chance in a $1 billion market. The company plans to take advantage of its status as a co-founder of the Anbau Allianz für Deutschland. As we recently discussed, it is a cultivation alliance that collaborates with officials, growers, and cannabis clubs across Germany.

The company’s decision to give all of its attention to the legalisation of cannabis demonstrates its commitment to leading this emerging market. The company seeks to simplify its operations and focus on the potential of the cannabis industry. Cannovum Cannabis is now in a good position to play a vital role in determining the direction of cannabis in Germany in the future. 


Cannovum Cannabis: focus on cannabis legalisation and management changes

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