Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Medical Cannabis Platform for Innovation and Research (MCPIR) from Netherlands

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Medical Cannabis Platform for Innovation and Research (MCPIR) – with the goal of revolutionising cannabis cultivation, Paradise Products and independent Dutch agricultural experts Delphy presented their ground-breaking idea. The concept was introduced during the GreenTech conference. The event took place this month in Amsterdam, a city famed for its liberal approach to cannabis. 

Medical Cannabis Platform for Innovation and Research – the purpose

The Medical Cannabis Platform for Innovation and Research (MCPIR) is a project developed by a select group of cannabis business partners. Delphy, a Dutch business with knowledge and experience in the plant sector, is in charge of the platform. Delphy refers to the Medical Cannabis Platform for Innovation and Research (MCPIR) as a pioneering research centre with an emphasis on medical cannabis cultivation. 

This five-year initiative’s goals are to research the best growing practices for medical cannabis and develop relevant strategies. From seed to harvest, it will concentrate on researching and improving each step of the cultivation process. The MCPIR centre will have a location in Delphy’s research centre in the Netherlands.

Delphy intends to carry out 35 trials focusing on many different aspects of cannabis cultivation over the following five years. These tests will investigate several factors, such as the usage of CO2, temperature management, lighting strategies, and fertilisation procedures. By the end of the five-year project, Delphy and its collaborators want to have created guidelines and processes that will raise industry standards for cannabis cultivation.

The collaboration with specialist partners for every step of the cultivation process is one of the organisation’s unique characteristics. The project plans to cover all crucial growing phases, whether it’s Paradise Seeds giving the genetic foundation, Philips providing knowledge in lighting solutions, or Mills Nutrients & Substrates providing advice on fertilisers and substrates.

Delphy’s involvement in cannabis research is a result of their change in focus over ten years ago. Delphy observed the growing interest in cannabis following its legalisation in North America. The Dutch government originally founded Delphy a century ago to improve agricultural products. 

The platform provides access to facilities, knowledge, and promotion at two levels of participation: founding partner or member. In addition to creating cultivation guidelines, MCPIR hosts conferences and educational sessions to provide information to stakeholders and other interested parties. It also takes part in significant international fairs.

Comments about the innovative cannabis platform

The CEO of Paradise Phytogenetics and founder of Paradise Seeds, Luc Krol, is enthusiastic about this project. Krol sees this program as a chance to improve medical cannabis farming. So far a prohibitionists’ mindset has been limiting the research for a long time. 

The project has a detailed methodology and dedication to knowledge sharing. Thus we can expect it to push the limits of what is possible in the cultivation of medical cannabis. The MCPIR initiative will not only improve our understanding of cultivation. It will also offer growers and licensed producers helpful assistance and training. Due to the project’s collaborative character, a variety of expertise can be shared.

Of course, GreenTech participants eagerly await the outcomes of this project. However the broader cannabis industry is looking forward to the insights and practices that will develop. The project will pave the way for a more efficient and effective cultivation process.

Similar associations work towards many goals, such as Cultivation Alliance for Germany, regarding recreational cannabis. Another example is German Cannabis Association, advocating the legalisation. Moreover, private entities work together for cannabis research, such as Fluence and Innexo has started. These collaborations can help to improve cannabis legal framework and cultivation processes.


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