Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Ananda Developments launches MRX1 and MRX2 cannabinoid medicines

Ananda Developments launches MRX1 and MRX2 cannabinoid medicines

As reported on 27th July 2023, Ananda Developments PLC aspires to be a top supplier of cannabinoid-based medications with the recent introduction of MRX1 and MRX2 into the unlicensed medicinal products market.

Ananda did that through a recently acquired subsidiary – MRX Medical Limited. Their main goal is to provide efficient treatments for illnesses that cause complex, persistent inflammation in the body. This discovery improves the options available to people looking for non-pharmacological pain relief. Let’s look more closely at some of Ananda’s accomplishments and how they might affect the medical sector.

Expanding access to cannabinoid medicines

The introduction of MRX1 and MRX2 represents an important move in mission of Ananda to make affordable cannabis medications available. The formularies of three private pain and medicinal cannabis prescribing clinics in the UK now include both oils. This planned action intends to improve patient access to these specialty drugs and expand knowledge of their potential advantages in the treatment of chronic pain.

Leading researchers recognize Ananda’s attention to careful formulation development and clinical studies. Two Phase II, double-blind, Randomised Control Trials (RCTs), directed by specialists from the esteemed University of Edinburgh, will use MRX1. The RCTs will evaluate cannabidiol’s efficacy in treating endometriosis and chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN). The non-dilutive grant funding commitment of £1.55 million shows the trust in the potential importance of these clinical trials.

NHS endorsement and wider impact

Melissa Sturgess, CEO of Ananda, stated the company’s intention to apply for NHS assistance for its cannabis medications. Ananda seeks NHS approval by placing a big emphasis on clinical research and pharmacological data gathering.

Such support would open the door for these medications to be distributed to millions of individuals in need, significantly improving the lives of patients with chronic pain disorders. Additionally, this accomplishment is anticipated to bring in large amounts of money for Ananda, supporting additional study and advancement in the field of cannabinoid medicine.

MRX1, MRX2 and MRX3 patent pending medicines

The MRX1 and MRX2 formulations, as well as the future MRX3 formulation, all Ananda products have patent applications pending, guaranteeing their exclusivity and distinction in the market. In addition, MRX has submitted a fourth patent application that refers to their unique method for creating these medications. This action demonstrates Ananda’s dedication to protecting its innovations and upholding its status as a pioneer in the field of cannabis treatment.

Recent achievements have placed Ananda Developments PLC in the lead of the development of cannabinoid-based medicines. They present a commitment by the introduction of MRX1 and MRX2, as well as by current clinical trials and patents. Ananda wants to have a significant impact on the medical sector by providing medications to people who need them most. Especially with potential NHS assistance on the horizon. The future possibilities for patients looking for non-pharmaceutical pain management options are bright. The company keeps its position as a global leader in innovation and research.


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