Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Occurring Cannabis Social Clubs in Germany

In Germany only “Cannabis Social Clubs” will be able to sell cannabis under upcoming law. In April, the German administration declared plans to legalise cannabis.

As noted, there is already significant demand for Cannabis Social Clubs in the Heilbronn area. In order to improve access to pure, unadulterated cannabis and combat criminality, there was established the “Cannabis Social Club Baden-Württemberg.”

Cannabis Social Clubs still will be political organisations. However their aim is to become a transparent production club that provides a trustworthy supply of cannabis to its members. Of course, cannabis use, possession, and growing are illegal, so the club is unable to function completely just now. According to the government’s plan, cannabis users will be able to purchase up to 25 grams of the drug each day, but no more than 50 grams in a single month.

Numerous people have shown plenty of interest in joining the club. Since its founding in March 2023, the club has had approximately 100 members. However, the club’s initial board is not aiming to exceed the legal limit of 500 members. The club’s leadership is preparing for cultivation and club premises while also planning the club’s registration in the association register.

With Cannabis Social Clubs in Germany, there is a hope to provide a legal, trustworthy source of cannabis. Another goal is to eliminate the black market, which has connections to organised crime. Interested individuals can apply for membership on the club’s website for free. The Cannabis Social Clubs in Germany should be a transparent organisation that offers a safe and reliable supply of cannabis to its members. German government is evaluating best approaches before the legalisation. Recently, the Minister even suggested to rearrange old sheds into Cannabis Social Clubs in Germany.



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