Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Sanity Group: “avaay SIGNATURE” medical cannabis line

avaay signature medical cannabis sanity group

avaay Medical, a well-known brand from the Berlin-based Sanity Group, introduces its much awaited new medical cannabis line: avaay SIGNATURE.

Premium-quality medical cannabis products from known partners

First of all, Avaay Medical has introduced the avaay SIGNATURE line, which features a unique collection of premium-grade flowers grown by renowned craft partners within the Sanity Group. These partners, Habitat and fuga, are famous for their dedication to sustainable and organic production methods. They are both Canadian companies.

Habitat, which is based in stunning British Columbia, extends conventional cannabis farming. In addition, they also specialise in organic salmon farming using their innovative aquaponic system. The nutrient-rich water obtained from their salmon farming procedure is largely responsible for the high quality of the avaay SIGNATURE line’s flowers, guaranteeing a unique growth environment.

Another reputable cultivation partner, fuga, gained fans in Quebec with their passionate commitment to organic principles. The usage of “Living Soil,” an earth-based substrate teeming with active soil organisms, is supported by their committed staff. This unique strategy, maintained for more than four years, differentiates fuga and guarantees an ideal growing environment for their cannabis.

At avaay Medical, high quality is not present only in the cultivation process. The flowers go through a number of careful phases even after harvest to guarantee their high level of quality. Following a careful pruning procedure, the flowers are slowly getting dry at low temperatures. Moreover, a handmade character trimming method is used for the avaay SIGNATURE line. The curing periods at SIGNATURE line is extended to retain the potency and flavours of the plant ingredients. It also involves exact temperature and humidity control.

The avaay SIGNATURE availability

The first strains from the avaay SIGNATURE brand are now available for prescription or pre-order from pharmacists and healthcare professionals throughout Germany. These premium flowers should meet the various demands of patients. They offer modern genetics, high cannabinoid concentrations, and strong terpene profiles.

At the same time that the avaay SIGNATURE range came out, avaay Medical presented its new visual identity. The company planned rebranding. Avaay Medical wants to show a new look at the upcoming “Mary Jane” trade show in Berlin. Thus, the Sanity Group has achieved important milestones with the launch of the avaay SIGNATURE line and the rebranding of avaay Medical.


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