Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Hemp as an alternative crop for Mediterranean Europe

Industrial hemp has the potential to be a sustainable, alternative crop in Mediterranean Europe, especially in the face of economic and climate challenges.

Hemp production is developing due to its adaptability to different environments. This crop also has potential as a raw material source for a wide range of industrial applications. These include fabrics, textiles and building materials. Recently the increase in cultivation has led to a surge in the European hemp business. Currently, we can consider hemp companies as an investment opportunity.

Why hemp can be beneficial crop for Mediterranean Europe?

First of all, it is worth showing the benefits of hemp cultivation. The advantages of introducing hemp in this region does not limit to crop diversification. Even more important is its potential for sustainable agriculture in the Mediterranean semiarid region.

Of course, implementation remains still limited at a larger scale. Also, more knowledge is needed regarding agronomic practices for cultivating hemp to fully appreciate and its potential as a high-yielding crop. Cultivators need more knowledge, among other, about pest control, according to EU regulations. Additionally, to hammer out the cultivation process, harvesting techniques must be verified.

However, the main point is that hemp is a high-yielding crop. It is well adapted to most European conditions, with suitable environmental and agronomic benefits. 

In overall, there is a need for further research to set up perfect terroir for hemp crop in Europe’ countries. However, the global market for hemp products could see significant growth in the coming years. Hemp should have an opportunity as a raw material and crucial plant for sustainable agriculture. Overall, hemp’s potential as a multifunctional crop is of absolute importance. Continuing research and cultivation is required to deliver environmental and agricultural benefits and reach its full potential. 



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