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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Medical cannabis industry: Swisscann and GMP certification

Medical cannabis industry: Swisscann and GMP certification

Daniel Gelemanovic, CEO of Swisscann Tec AG, shared the news that the company has officially achieved Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification from Swissmedic on December 14, 2023. This remarkable milestone underscores Swisscann’s unwavering commitment to the highest standards in the medical cannabis industry.

Swisscann: dedication to quality

The GMP certification is evidence of Swisscann’s continuous commitment to providing outstanding experience in the quickly changing medical cannabis industry, not just a legal necessity. With this certification, Swisscann Tec AG is positioned as a leader in the industry. It proves its capacity to provide the highest-quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). The company shows compliance to strict quality standards.

Daniel Gelemanovic expressed his appreciation to the entire Swisscann Tec AG team. He recognised their contribution in obtaining this respected certification. Their hard work and dedication have been crucial in elevating Swisscann to the forefront of the medical cannabis industry. Swisscann’s industry credibility will surely increase as a result of this certification. It will also create new opportunities for the business to further medical cannabis research and treatment.

Expected opportunities

Swisscann’s achievement of GMP certification establishes the company as a reliable supplier of pharmaceuticals that constantly fulfill the strictest regulations. The company’s commitment to excellence in the medical cannabis sector is further exemplified by its emphasis on producing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) of unparalleled quality. This not only reflects Swisscann Tec AG’s dedication to providing effective medical solutions. It also highlights its role in advancing the scientific understanding and application of cannabis-based therapies.

The medical cannabis industry continues to evolve. Thus, Swisscann Tec AG’s GMP certification marks a pivotal moment in the company’s journey. With this achievement, Swisscann is well-positioned to contribute significantly to the growth and development of the medical cannabis sector, setting a benchmark for quality and innovation.

In conclusion, Swisscann Tec AG’s attainment of GMP certification is a testament to its commitment to excellence, quality, and innovation in the medical cannabis industry. This achievement positions the company as a leader in the sector and marks a significant step forward in advancing the application of medical cannabis for therapeutic purposes.


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