Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Global Marijuana March in Frankfurt: “Shops Instead of Cops”

Global Marijuana March in Frankfurt pushes for "Shops Instead of Cops"

Cannabis advocates and enthusiasts met in cities across the world on May 4, 2024, to celebrate the Global Marijuana March. Among them, a powerful crowd convened at Rathenauplatz in Frankfurt within the banner of “Shops not cops,” an appeal issued by the Hemp Initiative Frankfurt.

The general vibe was one of advocacy and celebration. Attendees highlighted also the ongoing issues with cannabis legalisation while celebrating the recent advancements in the industry. Cannabis has been partially legalised in Germany since April, permitting possession and cultivation under certain restrictions. But even after the smoke clears, a lot of questions remain.

Voices on the Global Marijuana March in Frankfurt

The founder of the Hemp Initiative Frankfurt and a cannabis patient, Ingrid Wunn, underlined the urgency of creating legal channels for cannabis access. “Shops need to open as soon as possible,” Wunn said, drawing attention to the heavy red tape associated with cannabis clubs. Although these clubs aim to promote social interaction among members of the cannabis community, they are currently run under stringent policies that make them unavailable.

Bernd Werse, co-founder of Goethe University’s Center for Drug Research, shared Wunn’s views when he pointed out that casual cannabis users have few options. In contrast to the Netherlands, where legally-run cannabis shops are everywhere, there are no easily accessible options for legally buying small quantities of cannabis in Germany.

The marchers addressed important issues such as public safety, youth protection, and the fair handling of cannabis in comparison to alcohol along with access. Wunn highlighted the necessity for nuanced regulation, emphasising that while cannabis is not comparable to safe veggies like broccoli, it is also not comparable to alcohol. The slogan “Shops not cops” represents a larger movement that aims to replace punitive drug policy with a more practical, harm-reduction focused strategy. Public health, social justice, and individual freedom are the goals of the Hemp Initiative Frankfurt and its international counterparts, who support regulated cannabis markets over prohibition.

In addition to providing an opportunity for advocacy, the Global Marijuana March offers proof of the determination and resolve of cannabis enthusiasts around the globe. The marchers’ message resonates as they disperse: progress toward reasonable cannabis laws is still a long way off, but it is possible with coordinated work and group effort.

GMM and other locations

Every year, supporters and enthusiasts from over Germany come together for the Global Marijuana March to push the cause of legalising cannabis. Some cities had their marches on May 4, 2024, while other cities prepared for the May 11th gatherings. Events in Düsseldorf, Dortmund, and Koblenz are all scheduled to begin in the afternoon on that particular day.

The event in Düsseldorf will take place in the peaceful setting of Hofgarten, Ratinger Tor, while the march in Dortmund will liven up the streets at Kleppingstrasse/Viktoriastrasse. In the meantime, Koblenz’s Florinsmarkt Square will provide a setting for heated debates and peaceful protests. These events are a reflection of a global movement that supports the decriminalisation and proper control of cannabis, a subject that is relevant to people in many different places around the globe.


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