Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


More options: Cannamedical launches new cannabis extracts

cannamedical medical cannabis el jefe

Cannamedical Pharma is a medical cannabis company from Germany and it is making waves in the cannabis sector with its latest new product. The company is introducing eleven new full-spectrum cannabis extracts in addition to its wide variety of cannabis flowers, including a special single-strain extract named “El Jefe.” Cannamedical Pharma wants to give medical professionals more options with these new services so they can customise therapies for their patients.

Cannamedical Pharma’s so far developments

Cannamedical Pharma GmbH holds GDP and GMP certifications. It possesses each licence required for the importation, distribution, and release of medical cannabis products on the European market. Cannamedical provides their products to about 3,000 pharmacies and clinical facilities. The company also places a great priority on presenting important information to doctors, healthcare workers, and pharmacists. Of course, all global production partners comply with the pharmaceutical quality requirements specified in the EU GMP regulations.

Cannamedical Pharma GmbH was founded in 2016 by David Henn with its headquarters in Cologne. It has been a member of the Semdor Pharma Group since 2021. It is one of Europe’s top pharmaceutical organisations dealing in narcotics and medical cannabis. Cannamedical Pharma and Meerbusch-based PS Pharma merged in 2021 to form the Semdor Pharma Group, which has allowed them to concentrate on drug development and production while keeping the highest standards of quality.

What Cannamedical wants to achieve?

The objective is simple: Cannamedical Pharma wants to take 20% of the extracts industry within the next year while supplying all cannabis patients with an ongoing supply. The product range currently consists of balanced cannabis extracts with a balance of THC and CBD to achieve this. This increase greatly simplifies the process by which prescription drugs are created in pharmacies, enabling more individualised and precise treatments. Notably, Cannamedical Pharma has widened its product line with the release of the first single strain extract. This extract comes from the popular “El Jefe” cannabis cultivar in Germany. All of Cannamedical’s product varieties are available by prescription in pharmacies across Germany.

David Henn, the Managing Director of Cannamedical Pharma, comments their achievement:

“We are proud to offer the largest selection of full-spectrum cannabis extracts and medicinal cannabis flowers on the German market. This new range, including the new ‘El Jefe’ single-strain extract, offers patients more treatment options and allows therapy to be customised.” 

Cannamedical Pharma still wants to improve patient care in Germany and promote the potential advantages of medical cannabis. The company makes a substantial step toward achieving these objectives by launching the largest extract portfolio for full-spectrum cannabis extracts in the German market.


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