Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Europe: Top Cannabis companies review 2022

Best known – top cannabis companies from Europe in 2022

Despite the fact that most European countries still do not allow the recreational use of cannabis, many companies are researching the benefits that come from it. Despite the fact that cannabis is illegal in parts of Europe, some countries allow its use for medical purposes.

Sanity group

At Sanity Group, they have a clear goal: Unlocking the health benefits of cannabinoids. After decades of scientific negligence of the cannabis plant, more and more research is proving what people already knew thousands of years ago: That cannabis can have a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

The company is expanding its activities to be present in other European countries, after founding in Germany. The European market focuses on other uses of cannabis, such as medical, scientific and personal care. The company focuses on research projects and offers non-psychoactive CBD products. Sanity Group seeks to research and promote the health benefits of cannabis use through the collaboration of a carefully selected team of experts, such as an advisory team, a political advisory board and investors. The aim of the company’s research is to improve the general health of individuals and access to hemp products for people in Europe. One of the main elements of Sanity Group’s success stems from its ability to exploit and recognize the needs of different markets in Europe in terms of diverse regulations and expectations.

Curaleaf International

The goal of this company is to provide high-quality medical cannabis. This means understanding local guidelines and needs in each country. They are already present in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Poland and the Czech Republic. The watchword is a “seed to patient” approach – cannabis is overseen as part of the company’s vertically integrated supply chain. Integration This allows for the supervision of all production and planning steps, which increases controllability and improves the ability to maintain higher standards. And so, Curaleaf International owns a medical marijuana grower, a research and development company, a manufacturing company, and a medical marijuana dispensary. In the R&D sector, the company tries to present information in magazines and at conferences, partly for self-promotion.

Cannamedical Pharma GMBH 

One of the largest wholesalers of medical marijuana in the European Union. Cannamedical Pharma GmbH is located in Germany. The company has GMP certificates, which indicate good manufacturing practices. Cannamedical promotes patient support and commitment to social responsibility. The products range from medical hemp to full-spectrum extracts. Overall, the company is noticeable thanks to its extensive social media presence, website, multiple phone numbers, and email.

Grass & Co. 

It is a UK-based company. It focuses on providing products containing CBD, such as oils, lotions, candles, home sprays and bath salts. Additionally, they pride themselves on providing products free of pesticides and chemicals. The products do not contain THC, so they are free of psychoactive properties as well. An additional advantage is that the products are vegan and laboratory tested. An independent laboratory tests each batch of the final product to maintain standards and ensure safety, while taking into account sustainability.

Top cannabis companies from Europe in 2022 are know – who’s next?

There are a plenty of other big companies, which depending on they research and operations might grow drastically. As the market grows very rapidly, many new companies in cannabis sector are expected to arise. Depending on future legislations in Europe, they might also become big players on the market. Associations like European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) can also accelerate the business. For now, the above mentioned are thought to be the top cannabis companies from Europe in 2022.


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