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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Medical cannabis in Poland: efforts of the Institute of Biotechnology

Medical cannabis in Poland: efforts of the Institute of Biotechnology

In an important move for the Polish pharmaceutical industry, the Institute of Biotechnology of the Agricultural and Food Industry has etched its name in history. In December 2023, the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector issued the first-ever permit in Poland for the cultivation of non-fibrous hemp and the collection of non-fibrous hemp herb for the production of pharmaceutical raw material. This significant development has far-reaching implications for the industry and marks a turning point in the country’s approach to medical cannabis.

The regulatory landscape

Poland legalised the use of medical cannabis in 2017, opening the door to innovative therapies that have proven increasingly valuable for patients. However, until March 2022, the production of medical cannabis within the country was restricted to research institutes supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture. The institute had to possess the necessary infrastructure, including land, drying facilities, storage, and a laboratory, ensuring proper cultivation and quality assessment of the finished product.

The recent permit issued by the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector signifies a departure from the past limitations. Cannabisland, the Institute and the Plantalux team, has successfully navigated the complex legal framework and bureaucratic requirements. This accomplishment is a testament to their dedication, expertise, and the evolution of policies surrounding medical cannabis in Poland.

The facility, strategically located in the Lublin Voivodeship, has undergone meticulous documentation verification and meets the safety requirements outlined in the Act of March 24, 2022. Compliance with these standards is crucial to guarantee the production of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis, ensuring its safety and efficacy for medical use.

Implications for the industry

In navigating the intricate legal terrain, the success of Cannabisland and the Plantalux team demonstrates the feasibility of producing medical cannabis in Poland. This accomplishment not only sets a precedent but also encourages other entities to explore similar ventures, fostering innovation within the industry. Prior to this milestone, Poland heavily relied on the importation of raw materials for medical cannabis production. The newfound ability to cultivate and harvest non-fibrous hemp domestically signifies a shift towards self-sufficiency, reducing dependence on external sources.

Since the legalization of medical cannabis in 2017, therapies incorporating its use have gained popularity and proven valuable for patients. The local production of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis is poised to contribute significantly to the growth of this sector, offering patients more accessible and reliable treatment options.

The recent shift towards local production also emphasizes the importance of enhanced security measures in cannabis cultivation. The outlined requirements in the amendment to the law, encompassing documentation, supervision, and protection against theft or damage, underscore the need for robust security protocols. The incorporation of RFID technology further bolsters plant identification and surveillance.

Future of medical cannabis production in Poland

Thus, the Institute of Biotechnology, in collaboration with the Plantalux team, has pioneered a new era for medical cannabis production in Poland. The first permit for the cultivation of non-fibrous hemp signifies a crucial step forward, demonstrating that with dedication, expertise, and compliance with stringent regulations, it is possible to manage medical cannabis production in the country. As Poland continues to embrace the therapeutic potential of cannabis, this achievement marks a historic milestone in the nation’s pharmaceutical evolution.


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