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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


UK: T21 welcomes new partners to advance cannabis research

UK: T21 welcomes new partners to advance cannabis research

Drug Science has announced three distinguished industry partners to its novel medical cannabis study, T21 (formerly known as Project TWENTY21). This is a huge breakthrough. Together with longstanding partner EthyPharm, SOMAï Pharmaceuticals, Blackpoint Biotech, and 4Clabs will advance patient access to these revolutionary medications on the NHS and support scientific research on Cannabis Based Medicinal Products (CBMPs).

Launched in 2019, T21 stands out as a pioneering initiative. There are over 4000 patients helping build the growing body of evidence regarding the safety and efficacy of CBMPs. The main goal of the T21 project is to help people to obtain these medications within the UK healthcare system.

Patients who register with T21 are eligible for discounted private prescriptions for a wide range of legal cannabis medications. These medications include different formulations like oils and flowers, as well as alternate forms of administration like capsules, inhalers, and sublingual methods, which go beyond vaping.

The cooperation of these prominent figures in the sector surely highlights their common dedication to promoting medical cannabis research. It enhances patient results, and shaping the forthcoming terrain of cannabis-based medicines in the United Kingdom. The collaboration between these partners and Drug Science, as T21 approaches its fifth year, indicates that progress in understanding and using the potential of cannabis-based medicinal products in UK will continue.

The new partners are essential to T21’s future. They guarantee patients’ continuous access to prescription drugs at a reduced cost and make it easier to gather essential health data. Furthermore, their participation makes it possible for T21 to expand its formulary. It adds more cannabis-based medications and providing study participants with a wider range of options.

Comments about T21 development

Drug Science‘s acting chief executive, Anne Schlag, is excited about the partnership:

“We’re very happy to continue T21 with our esteemed new and existing partners. Now going into its 5th year, T21 remains essential as a way of allowing UK patients to access discounted CBMPs prescriptions, while furthering the scientific evidence base on these medicines.”

T21 addresses a wide range of illnesses, including many psychiatric disorders, chronic pain, and intractable epilepsy. Schlag stresses the significance of understanding the long-term impacts. She also highlights possible variations across demographic groups and importance of figuring out which CBMPs work best under particular circumstances. The goal of T21’s continuation is to offer these crucial insights, which will ultimately help the general people get prescriptions from the NHS for life-changing drugs.

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals’ founder, chairman, and CEO, Michael Sassano, emphasises the company’s dedication:

“We are delighted to be joining T21 and support one of the largest global registries on Cannabis Based Medicinal Products. Our goal is to provide access to the most comprehensive range of cannabis products to UK patients and gather real-world evidence on the transformative effects of cannabis-based therapeutics.”

Blackpoint Biotech emphasises the significance of the T21 study in advancing cannabis products as medicines:

“We believe the T21 study provides vital research that advances cannabis products as medicines. Consequently, we are delighted to be partnering with Drug Science in support of T21 as we seek to improve patient and practitioner experience by offering new means of administration that enable increased accuracy in dosing.”

4C Labs highlights their thorough selection of growers to provide high-value cannabis-based prescription medicines and expresses joy in being a part of T21 for 2024. They are eager to assist the physicians and patients taking part in this significant research.

Martindale Pharma is a member of the Ethypharm Group. They are happy to sponsor Drug Science and the T21 observational trial, pointing to their extensive experience with diseases associated with the central nervous system and pain.


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