Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Stenocare and its innovative medical cannabis products

stenocare medical cannabis innovation

Stenocare, a medical cannabis company with headquarters in Denmark, made significant advances in the development of its innovative medical cannabis oil product. 

On 2nd of June, Stenocare informed that it was partnering with a reputable international company to create the new product. Their information indicates that it has the potential to change the industry and give patients better results from therapy.  The product is based on patent oil technology. Stenocare has been granted global exclusivity to utilise this patent in the production of medical cannabis.

Stenocare’s idea to develop medical cannabis

One of the main difficulties in medical cannabis is the precision of dosage uptake in patients. It is an issue also in case of conventional medicine. The human digestive system breaks down orally consumed substances. Thus, it results in unpredictable absorption of the medicine to the person’s blood. For doctors, figuring out the correct dosage for patients is challenging because of variations in absorption. By presenting their new oil technology, which showed significant increases in uptake compared to conventional oils in a pharmacokinetic study, Stenocare seeks to address this issue.

To create the first pilot product based on their novel oil technology, Stenocare has now chosen a reputable partner. Ingredient qualification, technical product testing, independent laboratory analysis, and stability studies are all steps in the process. By the end of 2023, the business hopes to have the first final product candidate ready for regulatory certification; its commercial release is anticipated for 2024.

Finally, Stenocare’s CEO, Thomas Skovlund Schnegelsberg, expressed excitement about the business’s development by saying:

“We are entering the completion phase for our ambitious plan to develop the next generation of medical cannabis oil products. With our exclusive rights to use the patented new oil technology, we can provide doctors with predictability and scientific documentation, while offering patients optimal treatment efficacy. This has the exciting potential to position Stenocare as a leader in product innovation within our industry.”

Thus, we can claim that European medical cannabis market is quickly developing and is on its way to increase global market share. Medical cannabis is a subject to many researches and is part of German Pharmacopoeia. More countries, such as UK and Czech Republic, recognize benefits of introducing medical marijuana for their patients.


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