Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


How vertical integration can develop in diverse Europe?

Vertical integration of cannabis industry in Europe

Vertical integration refers to a situation where one company carries out the ownership and control of the various stages of production, from cultivation to retail. This approach allows for greater control over the quality of products and the supply chain. It also contributes to increased efficiency and cost savings.

US vs. EU

In the mature US market, the trend towards vertical integration has been driven by regulatory requirements and market forces. As the cannabis industry becomes more regulated, companies try to take advantage of economies of scale and increase their market share. All by expanding their operations to include all aspects of the chain. However, the situation in Europe is different.


Despite the growing popularity of cannabis in Europe in general, the regulatory environment for the cannabis industry continues to be challenging. Many countries still restrict or prohibit its use and sale. As a result, the cannabis industry in Europe has not developed as fast as in the US. Also the vertical integration has not yet become the dominant trend among existing companies. In addition, cultural attitudes towards cannabis vary across Europe and regulations are different, as you can read in our FAQ. This heterogeneity of attitudes and regulations creates additional challenges for companies that want to expand into multiple countries.

In addition, the lack of regulatory harmonization across Europe makes it difficult to establish a consistent brand and product offering. However, they are key elements of vertical integration. Marketing strategies would have to be tailored to each country if they could be implemented at all.

In addition, the growing awareness of the benefits of medical marijuana will also drive growth in the industry as more and more countries legalize its use for medicinal purposes. This will create new opportunities for companies to vertically integrate their operations and expand into new markets.

Future of vertical integration of cannabis industry in Europe

In conclusion, while vertical integration became a trend in the US cannabis industry, the situation in Europe is different. Nevertheless, as the cannabis regulations and attitudes in Europe evolve, we are likely to see an increase in interest in vertical integration. Companies that are able to adjust and establish a strong brand position are likely to take advantage of the growing demand.


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