Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Is cannabis legal in Switzerland?

Switzerland flag in cannabis leaf

Cannabis in Switzerland is illegal, though minor possession was decriminalized to a fine in 2012. Cannabis products are only permitted if they contain less than one per cent of the active substance THC. Currently only one narcotic cannabis drug preparation is officially approved for medical use in Switzerland. However, with the adoption of a revision […]

Is cannabis legal in Bosnia & Herzegovina?

Bosnia and herzegovina flag in cannabis leaf

Producing, importing and selling recreational cannabis is prohibited in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The medical use of cannabis is not regulated in Bosnia and Herzegovina as such. However, the Law on Prevention and Suppression of Narcotic Drugs Abuse of Bosnia and Herzegovina only permits growing, importing and selling cannabis for industrial purposes. Therefore, it’s arguable that […]

Is cannabis legal in Iceland?

Iceland flag in cannabis leaf

Cannabis in Iceland is illegal. Offenses such as sale and cultivation are heavily punished and can result in jail time. Possession of small amounts will not result in jail time, but offenders will still be subject to arrest and payment of a fine. There are currently no cannabis-related medical associations in Iceland. The only cannabis […]

Is cannabis legal in Sweden?

Sweden flag in cannabis leaf

Cannabis in Sweden is illegal for all purposes. It is illegal for recreational purposes, for most medical purposes and possession of even small amounts of cannabis is a criminal offence. Consequently, limited medical usage of cannabis-based drugs is only allowed for specific conditions.

Is cannabis legal in Finland?

Finland flag in cannabis leaf

Finland’s Narcotics Act states that use, sale or possession of any drugs (including cannabis) is a criminal offence. It also recommends a punishment of a fine or up to six months in prison. If the quantity of cannabis is regarded as ‘insignificant’ then the punishment may be waived. Repeat offenders are unlikely to have their […]

Is cannabis legal in Denmark?

Denmark flag in cannabis leaf

Cannabis in Denmark is illegal for recreational use and the punishment for small amounts (up to 9.9 g) for personal use is typically a fine. In certain cases such as socially vulnerable people, a warning can be given instead of a fine. Larger quantities (more than 100 g) generally results in a prison sentence. Driving […]

Is cannabis legal in Norway?

Norway flag in cannabis leaf

Recreational cannabis is not legal in Norway. Up to 15 g is considered an amount for personal use, and is punished with a fine in the case of first-time offenders. However, possessing more is punished more harshly. Repeat offenders or dealers can face prison charges. The type of fine given for drug offences are of […]

Is cannabis legal in Serbia?

Serbia flag in cannabis leaf

The Serbian Law on Psychoactive Controlled Substances and related regulations consider cannabis as psychoactive controlled substance (narcotic drug). Cannabis is treated in the same manner as other psychoactive controlled substances. Recreational use of Cannabis is illegal in Serbia. Keeping small quantities of the narcotic drugs for personal use may be punishable with up to 3 […]

Is cannabis legal in Slovenia?

Slovenia flag in cannabis leaf

Production, import, use, possession and sale of cannabis for recreational use are prohibited by law. While cannabis remains illegal in Slovenia, the medical cannabis community has been growing. Since 2016, when cannabis was re-categorised within the Decree on the classification of illicit drugs, it has been permitted to use it for medical purposes. Cannabinoids can […]

Is cannabis legal in Montenegro?

Montenegro flag in cannabis leaf

Cannabis is illegal in all forms in Montenegro, though specific penalties are hard to find. However, buying, selling, and possessing cannabis are felony charges which can carry large fines and steep jail time. It is worth noting that this country serves as a major trafficking conduit for cannabis moving from Eastern to Western Europe, which […]

Is cannabis legal in Estonia?

Estonia flag in cannabis leaf

Medical cannabis is legal in Estonia, but the program is limited and only includes cannabinoid-based medications. There is no national cannabis program; patients can only access cannabinoid-based medications, not the plant itself. Cannabis remains illegal in the country for recreational purposes, but is generally decriminalized. Using, buying, or possessing small amounts of cannabis, usually defined […]

Is cannabis legal in Latvia?

Latvia flag in cannabis leaf

Both recreational and medical cannabis are illegal for sale, possession, or cultivation in Latvia. Latvia did not outlaw cannabis in any form until it became a part of the USSR, what is unique in comparison to other European countries. Possession and use of small amounts of cannabis (usually considered to be a gram or less) […]

Is cannabis legal in Lithuania?

Lithuania flag in cannabis leaf

Recreational use No, in Lithuania cannabis is not legal for recreational use. This country criminalized cannabis in 2017, being sole country in the world that criminalized cannabis in the 21st century. Until 2013 Lithuania was the only country in the European Union where the cultivation of industrial hemp was banned. Medical use Yes, medical cannabis […]

Is cannabis legal in Cyprus?

Cyprus flag in cannabis leaf

Recreational cannabis is not legal in Cyprus. Cannabis is classified as a Class B drug, which carries up to eight years in jail for possession and up to a life sentence for using or trafficking. Cyprus has explicit possession thresholds for charging people: anything more than three cannabis plants or 30 grams of cannabis is […]

Is cannabis legal in Greece?

Greece flag in cannabis leaf

Cannabis in Greece is illegal for recreational purposes. In 2017, the Greek government legalized the use of cannabis for medical purposes, and a year later, they lifted the ban on growing or producing it. This enables pharmaceutical companies to grow cannabis legally, and industrial hemp suppliers too.

Is cannabis legal in North Macedonia?

Macedonia flag in cannabis leaf

Recreational use of Cannabis is not allowed in North Macedonia. Pursuant to the Macedonian Criminal Code, keeping narcotic drugs, its production or its placing on the market (even for personal use) is punishable with 6 months imprisonment up to ten years’ imprisonment. On November 20 2020, the prime minister Zoran Zaev said the government is […]

Is cannabis legal in Albania

Albania flag in cannabis leaf

On 27 January 1995, the criminal code of the Republic of Albania was created, and the usage, production and trade of narcotics was prohibited. Cannabis is not specifically listed however the government made clear that it falls within the definition of narcotics. Thus, the sale, offer for sale, giving or receiving of any form, distribution, […]

Is cannabis legal in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria flag in cannabis leaf

Recreational use No, recreational cannabis use is not legal in Bulgaria. Cannabis is considered a List 1, “high-risk drug” in Bulgaria. Cannabis falls under the Narcotic Substances and Precursors Control Act. Possession of small amounts are considered a minor offense. Thus, it is a subject to a fine. Consuming cannabis is an administrative offense, also a […]