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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Is cannabis legal in North Macedonia?

Recreational use of Cannabis is not allowed in North Macedonia. Pursuant to the Macedonian Criminal Code, keeping narcotic drugs, its production or its placing on the market (even for personal use) is punishable with 6 months imprisonment up to ten years’ imprisonment. On November 20 2020, the prime minister Zoran Zaev said the government is looking to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in the country’s hospitality places and tourist hotspots, including Skopje and Ohrid.

The Macedonian Law on the control of Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropics Substances consider Medical Cannabis as psychoactive controlled substance (narcotic drug). The Medical Cannabis is treated as other psychoactive controlled substance. On February 9, 2016, the Macedonian Parliament Health Committee gave its approval for the legalization of medical marijuana.