Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Cannabis job industry: how can we divide the roles?

cannabis job industry

As the European cannabis industry grows, the job market develops and new hires meet a pivotal distinction in job roles. In order to distinguish the degree of direct engagement that a person has with the cannabis plant, this classification is essential. We prepared a summary about cannabis industry job, based on the following article: Cannabis Industry Jobs.

Plant-touching jobs

Jobs that include direct involvement in cannabis production, processing, or sales are classified as “plant-touching” jobs. “Plant-touching” refers to any kind of direct physical interaction or connection with the cannabis plant, including its growth, harvesting, or transformation.

Firstly, jobs related to cultivation can be included in this category. It involves positions where people actively manage staff, logistics, compliance, and the overall condition of the plants in addition to other aspects of farming.

We can also consider manufacturing or processing, which includes jobs tasked with converting raw cannabis into different products. This could involve tasks including packing, cutting, and extraction.

And finally, we ought to mention working at the dispensaries. This one is about jobs in shops where staff members deal directly with both the cannabis items and customers.

Non-plant-touching jobs

Positions that allow people to contribute to the cannabis sector without having direct contact with plants we can name as non-plant-touching roles. These professions do not entail direct contact with the plant, but they are essential to the general support and functioning of cannabis-related activities.

The entire office staff, including administrative positions that facilitate the daily operations of cannabis-related companies. Even though they are not directly involved in cultivation or processing, they have to oversee cases specific for the cannabis industry.

We also can’t overlook the maintenance personnel. These are positions that do not directly involve themselves in plant-related tasks, but rather concentrate on maintaining and repairing infrastructure, machinery, and facilities. Such positions require familiarity with cannabis industry-specific manufacturing techniques.

This industry, like most others, requires qualified sales and marketing personnel. They are interacting with customers and markets without actually looking at the plant. Comparable to positions in logistics, which oversee and manage the movement of cannabis products while guaranteeing compliance without coming into contact with the plants directly.

Understand the specificity of the market

In conclusion, the European cannabis market is developing and will soon present more interesting opportunities. Determining preferences might help to choose a rewarding and significant career path in this emerging market. And, as we can see, the market might offer interesting jobs within many areas.


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