Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Hemp superfood by Hemperella

hemp superfood hemperella

Hemperella, a hemp-based superfood company, has announced the official debut of its innovative product line in May 2023. 

Healthy lifestyle

Hemperella wants to connect with customers that care about their health and promote a healthy way of life. The products will be sold in 400 LIDL stores in the Netherlands and 900 LIDL stores in Poland. 

Hemperella uses high-quality, sustainably grown hemp plants as the basis for its nutrient-rich products. Hemp can be a sustainable source for many products, which EIHA actively promotes. Hemperella also ensures that the vital vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are present in their products.

Hemperella’s portfolio consists of protein powder, protein bars, hemp seeds, hemp flour, hemp oil, hemp muesli, and hemp yogurt toppings. For those who follow vegan or ketogenic diets, these goods offer a practical choice as a meal alternative or as a protein component in healthy shakes. Moreover, they can be added to regular meals to improve both flavor and health benefits throughout the day.

Importantly, Eurofins Food Safety Solution verifies all Hemperella products. They are certified as gluten-free, organic, non-GMO, vegan, and keto-friendly. These accreditations guarantee that customers can rely on the reliability and security of the items they select. The most reliable way for businesses to confirm the safety of their products is through laboratory testing.

In conclusion, Hemperella wants to position itself as a leading hemp superfood brand. It will introduce its cutting-edge product line in LIDL stores throughout the Netherlands and Poland. To summarise, Hemperella offer is for consumers looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a large selection of nutrient-dense products like protein powder, protein bars, hemp seeds, and more. Moreover, their products satisfy a variety of dietary criteria, including vegan, keto, and gluten-free diets. They come from responsible sourcesand contain vital nutrients.


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