Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


What kind of jobs are unique for the cannabis industry?

cannabis job jobs

Cannabis industry is developing worldwide, thus there are going to occur more and more jobs specific for this sector only. The ongoing legalisation and decriminalisation of cannabis in many countries is what is driving the industry’s expansion. Many other types of work opportunities may result from this. But what jobs are available just in this sector?

In case of interest in the cannabis industry only, one can become a specialist within many different fields.

Cannabis business and commercial roles

First of all, there are several job possibilities for consulting and business within cannabis industry. A budtender is one of them.  Such a person works in dispensaries with medical or recreational cannabis. Budtenders are in charge of helping clients, making product suggestions, and educating them about various strains and goods. 

Similar to that, managing the dispensary can also be an interesting option. Knowledgeable dispensary managers look after daily operations at dispensaries. They oversee employee relations, inventories, customer care, and legal compliance.

Additionally, those who look for a job within this sector, may consider working as cannabis consultants. These experts offer knowledge and direction to people and companies in the cannabis sector. They might help with marketing, product development, commercial strategy, licensing, and regulatory compliance.

A career as a marketing professional can also be a possibility. In the cannabis sector, marketing experts contribute to the development and implementation of marketing plans for the promotion of cannabis companies and products.  They navigate the particular restrictions and rules on cannabis advertising. Such a person has to be fully aware of certain market drivers because this industry’s specificity.

Cannabis production and quality assurance jobs

Each step in the cultivation and production process in this business requires many workers. One can first train to become a cultivation technician. Such a person works in cannabis cultivation facilities. Cannabis plants may need to be planted, pruned, watered, and harvested by cultivation technicians. They make sure the plants are in good health and satisfy quality requirements.

Trimmers, on the other hand, are in charge of meticulously removing leaves and other plant matter from cannabis buds. They aid in getting cannabis ready for additional processing and packaging.

Next, within the production processes, there are extraction technicians. They specialise in managing various extraction techniques to extract cannabinoids and other chemicals from cannabis plants. They may utilise tools like hydrocarbon extraction systems, CO2 extractors, or ethanol extraction systems.

While considering the end product, the industry also needs edibles chefs. They produce edible cannabis-infused specialties including baked goods, chocolates, beverages, and other edibles. They must be familiar with recommended doses, infusion methods, and food safety laws.

Finally, because the cannabis market is so unique, it requires skilled quality assurance professionals. These individuals make sure that cannabis products comply with safety and quality requirements. They carry out testing, quality control inspections, and assist in creating and putting into practice quality assurance processes.

These are just a few examples of the wide variety of jobs within the cannabis market. However, new positions and opportunities will surely appear as the sector continues to change. This is a great momentum to become a specialist within the chosen field and develop the career.


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