Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Albania: cannabis legalisation for medicinal and industrial purposes

Albania: cannabis legalisation for medicinal and industrial purposes

The Commission for Labor, Social Affairs, and Health in Albania held a public hearing session with stakeholders regarding the draft law on “Controlling the Cultivation and Processing of Cannabis Plants and the Production of its By-Products for Medicinal and Industrial Purposes” in an effort to advance innovation and progress. The debate of this important initiative included participants from a variety of interest groups.

Discussion about new approach towards cannabis in Albania

Among the attendees were:

  • Mr. Aleksander Laçaj, Executive Director of the Albanian Cannabis Industry Association and Member of the EIHA-BE Industrial Hemp Working Group,
  • Mr. Joseph Spenser, Chairman of the Albanian Hemp Industry Association,
  • Mr. Andrin TAHIRI from the QSUT, Clinical Addiction and Toxicology Service,
  • Dr. Entela Ramosaçaj, Deputy Minister of Health and Social Protection,
  • Mr. Arian Jaupllari, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development,
  • and Mr. Idriz Haxhiaj, Director of Public Order and Security Policies at the Ministry of the Interior.

The main topic of discussion was the production and processing of industrial hemp, a flexible crop with many uses in a variety of industries, particularly the medical sector. The participants gave their insightful opinions, offering critical feedback on the law under consideration.

Due to its potential for both economic and medical benefits, industrial hemp, a variety of the cannabis plant with low concentrations of the psychoactive component THC, has drawn attention from all over the world.

With its rich soil and ideal climate, Albania has a tremendous amount of potential for hemp growing, thus this legislative move is an important step toward maximising its advantages.

The proposed law would control how hemp plants are grown and processed to ensure that they are only utilised for medical and industrial purposes. By doing this, the Act aims to retain strict protections to guard against abuse while still promoting the hemp business.

Cannabis in Albania: main points of discussion

The potential advantages of industrial hemp for the medical industry was one of the discussion’s main focal points. The cultivation and manufacture of medicines derived from hemp may present new potential for healthcare in Albania as continuing research points to the possibility that chemicals generated from hemp may have therapeutic characteristics.

The proposed law also paves the way for hemp’s industrial uses. That includes biofuels, sustainable plastics, construction materials, textiles, and paper. Adopting these environmentally friendly options might boost the nation’s economy and aid in efforts to fight climate change on a global scale.

Despite the bright future, the conversations also highlighted the obstacles that still need to be overcome. To avoid potential abuses, the requirement for robust laws to guarantee responsible production, processing, and distribution was underlined.

The attendees also underlined the significance of educating the public. They highlighted importance of understanding of the differences between industrial hemp and recreational cannabis. Dispelling myths and false beliefs about hemp can increase acceptance. It should also create a climate that is favourable to its responsible use.

After a good discussion of thoughts, queries, and recommendations, the public hearing session came to a close. To create a thorough and efficient regulatory framework for industrial hemp, additional consultations and coordination with all stakeholders will be necessary as the draft law develops.

Future of Albania in the cannabis business

Up until it passed legislation allowing medicinal cannabis over fierce opposition, Albania served as a hub for marijuana trafficking. Drug traffickers in the past took advantage of the weak governance in the nation, allowing marijuana enterprises to operate illegally.

The Albanian Parliament approved the use of medical marijuana on July 21. By a vote of 69 to 23, the council approved the limited and supervised development of cannabis plants. The legal status of medical marijuana is still unclear, though. The administration believes that allowing small-scale cannabis manufacturing will increase tax receipts.

The National Agency for the Control of Cannabis is established by the resolution. It will manage the administration of the processing and production of marijuana products for medical use as the main regulatory agency.

In conclusion, Albania’s decision represents a significant step forward in the country’s development of innovation and the economy. By this choice, Albania moves closer to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.


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