Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Exclusive contract of DanCann Pharma for the distribution of full-spectrum extracts

DanCann Pharma, a Danish company that specialises in cannabinoids, has signed a distribution contract with MYCB1. The purpose of the contract is to provide ALETTA 2.0-based prescription-only medications in the Scandinavian markets. 

What does this DanCann contract cover?

With raw materials from Bedrocan International flowers, the German pharmaceutical company MYCB1 creates prescription-only drugs. Their products have GMP certification by the European Medicines Agency. ALETTA 2.0 is a Real-World Evidence platform that enables complex research in both uncontrolled and regulated environments. It offers insightful data to guide clinical decision-making. However it also improves patient care for prescription-only cannabinoid treatments. 

The current application, which has been under review for some time, is expected to be finished and authorised before the company begins working with regulatory agencies. DanCann Pharma’s CEO, Jeppe Krog Rasmussen, expressed confidence that they will be able to successfully launch the products in the near future. They feel to be familiar with Bedrocan as a manufacturer and supplier to the Danish market through their company.

When completely released on the market, the cannabis extracts in an oil solution will be offered in three to five various strengths, giving patients and healthcare professionals greater options. 

According to the CEO of DanCann Pharma, their distribution contract with MYCB1 is not just about business. It is also about a shared vision for a better future. They are dedicated to removing barriers and giving everyone who needs it access to high-quality healthcare. They want to significantly impact the field of medicinal cannabis together with MYCB1.

Comments about the distribution partnership

The exclusive distribution contract will provide peace of mind for both users and prescribers. It is because MYCB1’s prescription-only medications are manufactured in a GMP facility in Germany. The extracts of cannabis in an oil solution, which have been in process for a period, are awaiting regulatory approval. The company expects to receive feedback from the Danish Medicines Agency on this matter in mid-May 2023 followed by an update to the market. The partnership with MYCB1 and the ALETTA platform will allow DanCann Pharma to connect with patients on a deeper level, empowering them to take control of their health and well-being.

Ernesto Diringuer, CEO of MYCB1, stated his happiness over the distribution contract with DanCann. He was complimenting DanCann Pharma as a pioneering organisation that would introduce MYCB1 prescription-only drugs. All along with ALETTA in the Scandinavian markets. The total population of the Scandinavian markets is over 21 million. 

According to the CEO of DanCann Pharma, the products have the power to change the face of medicinal cannabis treatment. They can also give countless patients hope. He informed that they intend to release Bedrolite in the same exact format and in a granular/flower version soon. It will provide access to a cannabidiol treatment with a prescription that was of high quality.


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