Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals: recent developments in the eyes of Michael Sassano

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals Michael Sassano

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals is a large-scale manufacturer of cannabis products, focusing on the highest quality medical-grade uses. They separate and purify primary bulk APIs of cannabinoids such THC, THCa, CBD, and CBN. They use the most recent technology and comply with the strictest pharmaceutical standards.

On 1st of September SOMAÍ shared breaking news about their recent developments: EU-GMP Certification for its facility in Portugal and €5 million capital raise. Thus, we decided to talk about this achievement with Michael Sassano, SOMAÍ’s CEO and Founder.

Pharmaceutical cannabis market with SOMAÍ’s products

First of all, we asked what this certification brings to the European pharmaceutical cannabis market. According to SOMAÍ’s CEO, the certification helps to provide their innovative products to customers from all over the world. As he says:

“The GMP I and II certification of SOMAÍ is the validation of quality standards for all SOMAÍ products and signifies not only a GMP building, GMP equipment and processes, but most importantly that both API’s and finished dosage forms can be sold to the global cannabis markets.”

What is more, the press release mentions plans to own distribution channels in Australia and Germany and establish partnerships in eight other countries. Thus, we asked for more details about SOMAÍ’s international expansion strategy. SOMAÍ agrees that it would like to develop future markets, but the focus is to own the entire production as well as vertical distribution.

They do not have one unique approach for all countries. As SOMAÍ’s CEO states, some markets like Australia and Germany are significant enough for them to invest aggressively. However, other markets like the UK and Italy may only require a representative to address educating clinics and doctors. And then younger markets like Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Malta, Luxemburg may only need local partnerships with limited needs of investment, according to SOMAÍ.

The largest cannabinoid manufacturing facility

Now SOMAÍ has the largest cannabinoid manufacturing facility in the EU. It requires numerous cutting-edge technologies and innovations, to ensure the highest quality pharmaceutical products. Also Michael Sassano says that technology is the key to pharmaceutical manufacturing.

To provide more details, SOMAÍ’s CEO informed us that they have a pharmaceutical ERP Sage X-3, a LIMs system for quality control, and EBR (Electronic Batch Record) to reduce old cumbersome paperwork and make responses to regulators automated. Inside the manufacturing, all the equipment talks to the EBR and registers weights and results in real time. Equipment is a key to making pharmaceutical grade products. From a high volume extractor, to VTA 100 distillation to make perfect extracts every time that match results consistently, to reactors with sheer and high pressure homogenizer, and then to high speed bottling, full soft gel caping and packaging, as well as automated vaporizer filling machines are all investments into making the best quality products for a growing global market.

Full GMP certification – milestones and challenges

In under two years, SOMAÍ has moved from construction to full GMP Part I and Part II certification. However, such a process might meet some challenges and requires clear milestones setup.

Thus, according to SOMAÍ’s CEO, the key to successful launch and minimising investor burn is relevant planning, budgeting and managing the process with precision. He says that most people in the EU cannabis environment did not make a cannabis facility and learned along the way. However, SOMAÍ was not his first project. Thus, the future was clear and making the decision to do GMP I and II in one go was critical. This means that now they have certification and products ready to sell.

“A result must be optimal and only comes from hitting targets that are well laid out.”

SOMAÍ did not forget about sustainability as well. As its Co-Founder says, every company in the world should act responsibly. Thus, they took energy savings seriously. Their equipment choices result in energy saving, they use systems such as LED lighting.

Additionally, SOMAÍ also has a 60% female to male ratio. Thus, they can be proud of having cultural diversity.

SOMAÍ – comprehensive brand for everyone

Worth discussing are also details about the range of products and novel formulations which may meet doctors’ and patients’ needs.

As Michael Sassano says, SOMAÍ is the only brand that doctors and their patients can rely on. Their products occur in every possible delivery and formulation that they may require. By providing all: oral drops, sprays, gel caps, vape oils, transdermals, and even creams, they intend to service the whole industry. And even advanced fast absorption excipients as well as nano emulsions and terpene infused products.

What is more, SOMAÍ will have hydro-carbon live resin, available in 2024. Their starting lineup, bigger than any brand launch to date, will lead the industry in the next years.

SOMAÍ’s capital raise use

The company has recently got a €5 million capital raise. However, as stated above, SOMAÍ now has the most advanced and complete product offering. What is more, it goes along with a technologically superior building and staff.

Thus, according to Michael Sassano, the capital rise might help to develop sales and distribution channels. That is why 90+% of this capital is going towards.

“Sales is critical and being the best means having people spreading the word.”

SOMAÍ and medical cannabis research

With its current position, SOMAÍ might position itself as an industry leader. Thus, as Michael Sassano claimed, SOMAÍ is invested in clinical trials in-vitro as well as in-vivo, proving faster absorption. They also make clinical trials on specific Sativa genres. What is more, throughout 2024 SOMAÍ will be supporting observational trials on arthritis and others.

As we can see above, SOMAÍ takes development, patients’ and doctors’ needs, research and brand building very seriously. Our discussion with Michael Sassano shows quick growth of the whole cannabis industry and how future market leaders build themselves. You can find more about SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals and its products on the website:


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