Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


This Place: a pioneering venture in functional natural cosmetics

This Place: A Pioneering Venture in Functional Natural Cosmetics

This Place, a German natural cosmetics company known for its practical and environmentally friendly approach to beauty goods, is one of the innovators. It was a subsidiary of the Sanity Group and is now setting out on an exciting new adventure involving independence and exploration. We can all see that innovation and technological developments are now the main drivers of popular brands in the quick-moving field of cosmetics.

This Place – MBO

This Place’s founder and CEO is Laura Simonow. She assumes full management of the business sector she founded and developed within the Sanity Group as a result of the recent Management-Buyout. This step represents a turning point for the company. With this tactical move, This Place is poised to establish itself as an independent business. It will focus on expanding the horizons of cannabinoid-free functional natural cosmetics. Laura Simonow, passionate about her company’s new direction, comments as following:

“Our vision at This Place is to revolutionise and modernise natural cosmetics, using a scientific approach to solve real-world problems. The demand for functional and sustainable natural beauty products is steadily rising, and I am incredibly grateful to the Sanity Group team for the years we’ve spent together, achieving milestones, celebrating successes, and creating something truly special. Now is the time for our brand to take the next step and unfold its full potential.” 

This Place and its future

This Place has established a reputation for creating innovative solutions. Their products efficiently address a variety of cosmetic issues by utilising the power of nature. The Sanity Group plans to expand on the advantages of cannabis in their upcoming projects. This Place, however, is getting ready to investigate a wider range of natural substances, going beyond CBD and other cannabinoids.

This Place has, of course, big aspirations and its products are already making waves in the US. They are being offered there at “The Well” in New York. The company plans to launch a new product line in the upcoming months. They want to include chemicals that go beyond CBD and other cannabis derivatives.

The CEO of the Sanity Group, Finn Hänsel, expressed joy in This Place’s extraordinary success story and the platform they gave to support its expansion. The choice to give the brand autonomy came naturally as its vision developed into a unique path. The Sanity Group is still totally dedicated to This Place’s success and mission and is excited to watch the brand grow as it forges its own course.

Thus, the transition to independence happens at an ideal moment. Demand for natural cosmetics that are effective and sustainable continues to grow on a global scale. This Place is willing to attract a constantly expanding market of conscious consumers. They are now looking for excellent skincare products thanks to an emphasis on research-driven goods and ethical methods.

In overall, This Place is the definition of the dynamism and innovation propelling the beauty industry forward. The brand serves as a monument to the limitless potential and possibilities of functional natural cosmetics. They are fusing scientific know-how with the gifts of nature.


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