Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Promising cannabis companies in Europe in 2023

European cannabis companies general overview

Cannabis companies in Europe had a significant increase in the number in recent years. That was especially in the technology sector. One area of ​​particular interest is the hemp industry. There were changes in the legalization, cultivation and trade of medical marijuana in Europe. And these encourage startups and entrepreneurs to take full advantage of the possibilities of working with cannabis products. Here are ten of most promising cannabis companies and startups in Europe in 2023. And, these companies occured in the last few years and now are changing the cannabis landscape in Europe.

The most promising cannabis companies in Europe in 2023


Cansativa is based in Germany. The company is a leading supplier of medical marijuana. Their goal is to be a contact partner of pharmacies, a supplier and a logistics partner. Obviously, the company focuses on quality control and standardization. Cansativa has quickly become a major player in the European cannabis market. In brief, its innovative approach to production and distribution sets new standards in the industry.

The Sanity Group 

Sanity Group is a German startup that aims to change the way people view cannabis. The company was founded in 2018 by German entrepreneurs and cannabis advocates Finn Hänsel and Fabian Friede. It produces a wide range of high-quality cannabis products, such as oils and vaporizers, and works to educate people about the benefits of cannabis. Sanity Group’s unique approach to branding and marketing has helped it stand out in a crowded market. As a result, the company will probably show a significant growth in the coming years.

Little Green Pharma 

Little Green Pharma is an Australian company that has expanded into the European market. The company produces a range of medical cannabis products. They are committed to producing high-quality, affordable products for the treatment of chronic diseases. Little Green Pharma already has a strong presence in Australia. Its expansion in Europe should be the main driver of the company’s growth.


Based in the Netherlands, Leafly is a knowledge center site for cannabis buyers and sellers. The platform provides users with detailed information about available products and enables them to make informed decisions. Leafly is one of the largest cannabis marketplaces in Europe and its user-friendly interface has helped it become a trusted source of information for cannabis consumers.


Kanabo is an Israeli startup that produces a range of cannabis-based inhalers. The company’s innovative products will provide precise doses of cannabis, making it easier for patients to manage their symptoms. The company conducts extensive research and development to develop high-quality hemp extract formulas, innovative vaporizers for medical use, and various smoke-free consumption solutions – making them easy and accessible to everyone. Kanabo inhalers have already been approved by the Israeli government and the company is expected to expand into other markets in the near future. The company is selling initial products in Europe already, and is ready to scale up to meet market demands and projected sales and revenues.

Forma Holdings 

Forma Holdings is a UK-based investment firm focused on the cannabis industry. The Company, through its subsidiaries, offers cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution, as well as manages venture capital investment, pharmaceuticals, and life science sectors. Forma Holdings serves customers in the United States and the United Kingdom. Forma Holdings is well positioned to benefit from the growth of the European cannabis market and its portfolio of companies is likely to be highly profitable in the coming years.

Grow Biotech 

Grow Biotech is a British company providing research and development services to the cannabis industry. The company focuses on developing new varieties of hemp and improving the production process to create more effective and efficient products. To illustrate, Grow Biotech’s work has already attracted the attention of major cannabis companies. Thus, the company should show a significant growth in the coming years.


Alphagreen is an online marketplace for CBD products based in the UK. The platform provides users with a wide range of high-quality CBD products from trusted brands. Alphagreen has quickly become the leading online retailer in the CBD area, and its user-friendly platform has helped it attract loyal customers.

Curaleaf International

Curleaf International started its operations in the USA. After merging with EMMAC Life Sciences, and their unique, vertically integrated model, they want to develop on the European market. Certainly, they want to provide quality cannabis for every person who is prescribed it. This means understanding local guidelines and needs for each country. What’s more, they already have a presence in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Poland and the Czech Republic – and thy’re looking to grow.

Aurora Cannabis

Aurora Cannabis is a Canadian company that has expanded into the European market. The company produces a wide range of high-quality cannabis products, including oils, vaporizers and dried flowers. Aurora Cannabis is indeed one of the largest cannabis companies in the world, and its expansion into Europe has helped it to establish itself as a strong presence in the region.

Promising cannabis companies in Europe in 2023 – summary

All in all, the European cannabis market is growing rapidly and these ten companies have the potential to become major players in this space. Whether they focus on manufacturing, research and development, or distribution, they all drive innovation and growth in the industry. With a unique approach to the market and a focus on quality and safety, these startups are sure to make a significant impact in the coming years.


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