Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Clever Leaves no longer in Portugal

What is Clever Leaves?

Clever Leaves is a vertically integrated Colombian medical cannabis company that produces pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products. The business specializes in the cultivation, extraction, and manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) produced from cannabis plants. Oils, capsules, topicals, and other formulations from Clever Leaves occur in the wellness and pharmaceutical industries. The business adheres to the strictest quality guidelines and holds accreditations including GMP, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001. In order to expand knowledge about medical cannabis and its potential applications, Clever Leaves also makes investments in research and development. The corporation currently conducts business in Colombia, Canada, and the United States. But they also make investments in the development of distribution networks for the European market and so they did in Portugal.

Clever Leaves and decision to close the business in Portugal

In addition, Clever Leaves had a facility operating in Portugal as of the beginning of 2023. They did, though, announce the coming to a close of their operations in this country. It includes the closure of their facilities for production and processing. The choice was a result of market dynamics and regulatory difficulties. They made it challenging for the business to get the required outcomes in Portugal. As they say:

“Company to Concentrate All Cannabinoid Cultivation and Production Operations in Colombia to Leverage Existing Operational Efficiencies”

The operations of Clever Leaves will focus in Colombia, Canada, and the US, where they are more well-established and have more room for growth.

Clever Leaves expressed gratitude for the help it received from the Portuguese authorities and local populations while it was there. The business thanked for the services of its Portuguese workers and promised to support and assist individuals impacted by the closure. 63 employees of Clever Leaves’ Portuguese operations have been let go.

After receiving a permit from the Colombian government in December 2022 to cultivate and export medical cannabis products, Clever Leaves has decided to stop operating in Portugal.

To date, Clever Leaves has increased its presence in Europe and other continents by utilizing smart alliances and acquisitions. The business has also made research and development investments to further understanding of medical marijuana. They used it also to create innovative products that can cater to the specific requirements of patients and consumers across various markets.


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