Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


SOMAÍ – changes in the medical cannabis industry

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SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals is a leading player in the medical cannabis sector. It is a manufacturer of cannabinoid formulations for the European markets. We will look at the most current developments and successes of SOMAÍ in May 2023 in this article.

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals – international collaboration for medical cannabis industry

First of all, SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals started a partnership with Cosma Cannabis. It is a reputable Polish distributor of high-grade medical-grade cannabis products. Through partnership with Cosma, SOMAÍ is able to deliver a variety of high-quality medical cannabis products for importation and distribution, and to enter into Poland’s rapidly developing medical cannabis industry. 

Moreover, SOMAÍ signed a five-year contract with Clever Leaves Holdings Inc. Thanks to this agreement, they will be able to provide Portugal with EU-GMP-certified CBD extracts from Colombia, further consolidating its position as a global player. Through this partnership, SOMAÍ is able to transform pharmaceutical-grade APIs and CBD extracts into finished medications for use by patients throughout Europe. 

SOMAÍ’s cannabis product changes

SOMAÍ did a full roll-out of its oral drops, which are designed to meet a variety of patient demands. Now there is a wide variety of options for medical cannabis treatment. Furthermore, SOMAÍ is launching THC and CBD distillate APIs, extending their product line and strengthening their status as a full-service medical cannabis supplier. What is more, SOMAÍ set up stability testing for their medical cannabis Vape Oils. Advanced analysis and careful testing ensure the potency and efficiency of these products over time. 

Recent successes are a result of the product development, alliances, and technological innovation. Europe seems to be an interesting end market for many investors thanks to its early stage, but high potential. 


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