Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


CBX Medical: pioneering medical cannabis research in Wallonia, Belgium

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In the centre of Wallonia, an innovative start-up is changing the medical cannabis industry. A significant grant has been received by CBX Medical in collaboration with the ULB Faculty of Pharmacy, and it will support innovative research and development in Belgium. This innovative project is expected to change how people see and use cannabis for medical purposes.

Unveiling Belgian medical cannabis market potential

The fact is that Belgium’s legal cannabis market may not be as well-established as those in other countries. Nevertheless, CBX Medical is leading an initiative to promote cannabis products. The business, which was founded in 2020 by three ambitious Walloon entrepreneurs, is focused on creating and marketing products that make use of cannabinoids, the key ingredients in cannabis.

However, CBX Medical stands apart from other businesses in the sector as they concentrate on non-psychoactive substances. The products from CBX Medical do not result in a feeling of high, unlike cannabis used for recreational purposes, which includes THC, the chemical that gives it its euphoric benefits. Instead, they provide a selection of gels, lotions, drips, and patches that foster relaxation, improved movement, and tailored skin care.

The purpose of CBX Medical is fundamentally based on education. The company has already taught over 1,000 pharmacists and around 500 doctors since it understands how important information distribution is. CBX Medical promotes a more informed and open-minded approach to patient care. They do it by providing medical practitioners comprehensive information about cannabis therapies.

A key turning point in their path is the partnership between the company and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at ULB. Together, they are starting on an innovative research project that focuses on the bioavailability of cannabinoids. The goal of this research is to find the most efficient cannabis delivery systems and bloodstream absorption strategies. CBX Medical aims to create more effective and impactful medicines that can improve the health of patients by investigating various delivery systems.

CBX Medical is not on its own in its search for cannabis-based innovations. With major funding from the government, other Belgian businesses are also advancing scientific research, such as Cannovex in Diepenbeek. The joint efforts of these businesses show a growing understanding of the possibilities of medical cannabis in Belgium and elsewhere.

CBX Medical cannabis research project details

The Walloon government has provided the ambitious research project with significant funding totaling more than 570,000 euros. With further support from CBX Medical, the money now totals an outstanding 800,000 euros. The business has also received 1 million euros in prior funding from renowned investors, such as Walloon investment groups Sambrinvest and Invest.BW. They also received money from private people who support its objectives. 

The co-founders of CBX Medical are Jonathan Blondiau and Lionel Quataert. They see this research work as a step toward the development of a cannabinoid-based drug by the end of the decade. They are aware of the difficulties that lay ahead. Nevertheless they continue to push forward by their constant passion to advance science.

To promote future investigation and invention, CBX Medical created a CBX Foundation. This program seeks to honour and support European students who use the cannabis plant in new ways as part of their education. The foundation seeks to motivate the generation of leaders in the medical cannabis industry.

The medical cannabis market in Wallonia is quickly developing, with CBX medical taking the lead. Moreover, people in Belgium are changing their approach towards medical cannabis. Their commitment to non-psychoactive cannabis development, research, and educating has the potential to change lives and improve patient care. 


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