Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Legal job opportunities in Germany’s cannabis industry

Legal job opportunities in Germany's cannabis industry

With more countries legalising cannabis use for both recreational and medical purposes, the cannabis business is undergoing an exciting transition across Europe. One of the biggest economies in Europe, Germany has emerged as a leader in the cannabis legalisation campaign. There are now many job opportunities available in the country as a result of the shift from a black market to a legal and regulated business. Using information from EUCannaJobs, a well-known job portal focusing in the cannabis industry, we will analyse the expanding legal cannabis market in Germany and the variety of work prospects it offers in this article.

Germany has been at the forefront of Europe’s legalisation of cannabis, opening the discussion for recreational use and allowing medical use starting in 2017. An expanding cannabis market has been produced as a result of this significant regulatory change, offering employment opportunities across several industries. Germany is the country with the most cannabis-related job openings in Europe, with 28 posts now available, according to the most recent statistics available from EUCannaJobs.

Cannabis healthcare industry

The biggest number of job offers available on EUCannaJobs occurs within the healthcare part of the industry. As of October 2023, there are 12 open positions in Germany. Healthcare specialists are in high demand in the medical cannabis business as a result of its rapid growth. Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists all contribute significantly to patient care, medical advice, and knowledge of cannabis’ therapeutic uses. Professionals interested in the link of cannabis and medicine can choose from a variety of options in this field.

Administration & HR in cannabis field

As of today, there are 11 administration and 1 HR job openings available on the EUCannaJobs within Germany only. Administrative positions have become increasingly important in the legal cannabis industry’s shifting landscape. Legal businesses always need administrative support to work properly. Office management responsibilities oversee the smooth daily operations of these firms. Positions in human resources that are in charge of finding and developing talent for cannabis businesses fall under this category as well. This particular position illustrates the crucial function of HR experts who manage hiring, training, relations with employees, and the creation of personnel rules specific to the cannabis industry’s particular requirements.

Marketing & sales opportunities

In order to promote cannabis products and expand the market, the marketing and sales industry is essential. As of October 2023, there are 11 jobs in Germany available in this field. This group includes positions in sales management, customer service, and marketing strategy, all of which are essential to the development and expansion of cannabis enterprises.

Cannabis market and IT

For cannabis firms to operate effectively, technology integration is necessary. Especially nowadays, when technology is part of everyday’s life. That is why there are 7 job offers available in Germany within the IT sector. The technology infrastructure, which includes online sales platforms, inventory management systems, and security measures, is created and maintained by IT professionals. In a regulatory environment that is rapidly changing, their job guarantees the efficient functioning and compliance of these businesses.

Cultivation, engineering & manufacturing

At the very core of the cannabis industry lie its production processes. This is the reason there are 8 jobs in this area. In order to guarantee the quality and quantity of cannabis production, skilled cultivators are essential. To grow cannabis plants of the highest quality, optimise crop yields, and keep the plants in good general health, their knowledge is necessary.

Modern infrastructure and facilities are crucial to the cannabis industry’s ability to optimise production procedures. Modern cultivation and processing facilities must be designed, implemented, and maintained by engineers working in this industry. This group includes jobs involving HVAC systems, facility design, and numerous engineering disciplines, all of which have a big impact on the effectiveness and productivity of the sector.

Production of different cannabis products, such as edibles, extracts, and topicals, is a component of manufacturing jobs in the cannabis business. To guarantee the consistency and safety of cannabis products on the market, these jobs follow stringent quality control requirements.

Quality Assurance

Finally, ensuring the safety and quality of cannabis products is paramount. For now we can see 4 jobs available in this field. In order to provide consumers trust in the items they buy, quality assurance professionals play a critical role in testing, certifying, and maintaining the standards of cannabis products.

These in-depth explanations of the many employment categories within the German cannabis industry show the variety of opportunities and the important role that each category plays in the expansion and development of the sector.

Future of the cannabis job market in Germany

The legal cannabis market in Germany is growing quickly and offers some range of employment opportunities. All regardless of the area of interest: administration, healthcare, cultivation, engineering, or any other.

It’s an exciting moment to think about a career in the legal cannabis sector. The data from EUCannaJobs shows that, comparing to other industries, not a lot of jobs are available in Germany across a wide range of job categories. However, we have to bear in mind that the cannabis industry is young, but quickly growing. Moreover, additional job opportunities may occur once the legalisation process becomes clear. So, the industry matures and continues to evolve. So does the job market.


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