Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals: presence in Germany & key partnerships

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals: presence in Germany & key partnerships

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals, a top EU-GMP European pharmaceutical and biotech company, takes a significant step into the market of Germany with two strategic partnerships. SOMAÍ is active within the whole European market, as we recently wrote about its participation in T21 project.

Canymed cooperation: improving the delivery

Leading German pharmaceutical wholesaler Canymed GmbH and SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals have signed a two-year distribution deal. This collaboration makes use of Canymed’s extensive distribution network. It makes it easier for pharmacies, medical offices, and hospitals throughout Germany to receive SOMAÍ’s premium cannabis-based medications. The partnership seeks to meet the growing need in the German market for cutting-edge healthcare products.

As a result, the distribution agreement supports SOMAÍ’s dedication to providing the best pharmaceutical solutions possible. By utilizing Canymed’s well-established network, SOMAÍ guarantees that patients and healthcare professionals may easily obtain its high-quality and effective cannabinoid-based products.

Joint marketing initiative with Grünhorn

Another calculated step: SOMAÍ teams up with Grünhorn, a well-known cannabis-related healthcare brand. A unique co-branded line of prescription products based on cannabis and available in Germany with THC/CBD ratios of 25:1, 10:10, and 50:1 is the result of this partnership.

In this collaborative endeavor, Grünhorn’s dedication to providing premium products in Germany is combined with SOMAÍ’s proficiency in creating customized cannabis treatments. The specialized product line offers a distinctive selection of medicinal cannabis options to meet the specific demands of patients in Germany.

Contract milestone of 10 million euros

These alliances result in a historic 10 million euro deal that highlights the influence SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals has on the German market and the shared objectives it has with its partners.

The CEO and founder of SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals, Michael Sassano, is enthusiastic about the prospects that these collaborations present. He says:

“The collaborations with Canymed GmbH and Grünhorn Pharmacy underscore our dedication to meeting the evolving healthcare needs in Germany.”

Canymed’s founder and managing director, Matthias Fischer, expresses this passion as well:

Canymed is pleased to be a part of the distribution of cutting-edge pharmaceutical solutions through its partnership with SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals. We’re excited to work together to improve healthcare in Germany.”

Furthermore stated by Grünhorn-Network Founder Stefan Fritsch:

“It is a privilege for Grünhorn to bring together Somai’s illustrious cannabis product manufacturing experience and the confidence we have built as a health brand within the industry. Our goal of providing patients with access to cutting-edge and efficient healthcare solutions is in line with our relationship.”


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