Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals: presence in Germany & key partnerships

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals: presence in Germany & key partnerships

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals, a top EU-GMP European pharmaceutical and biotech company, takes a significant step into the market of Germany with two strategic partnerships. SOMAÍ is active within the whole European market, as we recently wrote about its participation in T21 project.

Canymed collaboration: enhancing distribution

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals seals a two-year distribution agreement with Canymed GmbH, a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler in Germany. This partnership leverages Canymed’s vast distribution network. It facilitates the delivery of SOMAÍ’s high-quality cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals to pharmacies, doctors’ practices, and hospitals across Germany. The collaboration aims to address the rising demand for innovative healthcare solutions in the German market.

Thus, the distribution agreement aligns with SOMAÍ’s commitment to delivering pharmaceutical solutions of the highest standards. By tapping into Canymed’s established network, SOMAÍ ensures that its cannabinoid-based products, known for their quality and efficacy, are readily accessible to healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Co-branding venture with Grünhorn

In another strategic move, SOMAÍ partners with Grünhorn, a prominent healthcare brand in the cannabis sector. This collaboration gives rise to an exclusive co-branded cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical product line in Germany, featuring various THC/CBD ratios such as 25:1, 10:10, and 50:1.

The joint effort combines SOMAÍ’s expertise in crafting personalized cannabis medications with Grünhorn’s commitment to delivering top-tier products in Germany. The exclusive product line caters to the individual needs of patients in Germany, offering a unique range of medicinal cannabis options.

Milestone 10 million Euro contract

These partnerships culminate in a landmark 10 million euro contract, underscoring SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals’ impact in the German market and mutual goals shared with its collaborators.

Michael Sassano, Founder and CEO of SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals, expresses excitement about the opportunities these partnerships bring. He states:

“The collaborations with Canymed GmbH and Grünhorn Pharmacy underscore our dedication to meeting the evolving healthcare needs in Germany.”

Matthias Fischer, Founder and Managing Director of Canymed, echoes the enthusiasm, saying:

“Canymed is proud to be partnering with SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals, contributing to the distribution of advanced pharmaceutical solutions. Together, we look forward to making a positive impact on healthcare in Germany.”

Stefan Fritsch, Founder of the Grünhorn-Network, adds:

“Grünhorn is honored to combine Somai’s expertise as a renowned manufacturer of cannabis products with the trust we enjoy as a health brand in the cannabis sector. This partnership aligns with our mission to grant patients access to innovative and effective healthcare options.”


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