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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


CanG: Cannabis law unfolds in Germany

Cannabis liberation unfolds in Germany: freedom and safety

With the Cabinet’s approval of the “Law on Controlled Cannabis Use and Amendment of Other Regulations” (CanG), a revolutionary step has been made in Germany. As stated last week, we could expect discussion about cannabis German law at that time.

This bold piece of law, which relies on a framework of two pillars, gives life to the first pillar by approving the private and communal non-commercial cultivation of cannabis for one’s own adult use. Protecting the interests of youth emerges as the guiding principle of this legislative journey amidst this transformation.

Cannabis press conference in Germany

At a press conference on August 16, 2023, the German Federal Ministry of Health presented a brilliant initiative intended for educating teenagers and young people. In overall, this program intended to shatter the myth of risk-free cannabis use even as the legislation took shape. With the desirable tagline “Legal, but…”, the campaign integrates into the fabric of the ministry’s digital channels, bringing attention to the intriguing contrast between legalisation’s proponents and opponents as well as the risks coming from consumption.

The CanG Law prevents Germany from becoming stuck in an ineffective cannabis drug policy. The big goal here is to limit the illicit market. The country also wants to control criminal activity, and diminish the flow of contaminated or dangerous goods. With an intent of reducing the numbers of buyers, the consumption doors carefully stay open for young adults, with a strict prohibition for those still in their formative years. A robust awareness campaign has already begun. It is emphasising to the emerging youth that while cannabis may be emerging from the shadows, its dangers are still very much still present.

Prof. Karl Lauterbach, Federal Minister of Health, sums it up poignantly by saying:

“Cannabis consumption is being legalised, but it remains hazardous.”

The careful reevaluation of Germany’s cannabis laws paved the way for this historic transition. According to Federal Minister of Agriculture Cem Ozdemir:

“With this law, we strike a balance between individual freedom and public welfare.”

The bill successfully strikes a delicate balance between individual freedom and society welfare.

CanG Law details

When one digs into the CanG Law, a complex picture of cannabis control appears. The ability for people to grow up to three cannabis plants for personal use is one noteworthy provision. However, there will also be the right to collective, non-commercial cultivation through cultivation associations. A major shift from conventional advertising tactics is the installation of a comprehensive ban on endorsements and sponsorships associated with cannabis cultivation and usage linkages.

With a 25-gram allowance, possession restrictions are transformed, decriminalising cannabis possession. The law’s scope is much broader because it establishes Consumption Prohibition Zones. They set up no-cannabis boundaries 200 metres away from the entrances of cultivation associations, schools, youth centres, playgrounds for children, and sporting facilities.

The control of cultivation associations takes of course centre stage in ensuring strict oversight. It subjects them to meticulous legal inspection and regulatory oversight. These associations exert control over the quantity and quality of cannabis distribution. Thus, there will be a cap on membership at 500 adult German citizens. Quality, quantity, child protection, and youth safeguarding are just a few of the elements of this complex web of regulations. All requirements are tightly integrated and rigorously inspected by regulatory audits.

In order to strengthen preventive measures and educate the next generation about the nuances of cannabis consumption, the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) and cultivation associations join forces. They are supported by a committed team of prevention officers.

After four years, the social effects of this law will still be observed, reflecting an adaptive and changing approach to legislation.

Germany on its path to legalise cannabis

It’s crucial to remember that both individual and group cannabis use falls under the authority of this regulation. According to the details of the Narcotics Act, a distinct statute addresses the area of medical and medical-scientific cannabis. The fact that medical cannabis is exclusively available with a prescription in this country is a lifeline for patients who depend on it for healing.

As Germany begins this transformational journey, it is an acknowledgment to development, health, and the general wellbeing of its people. The CanG Law is more than just a change in the law. It is a complex dance that balances individual liberty and group protection. Each page of the cannabis leaf’s new chapter comes from a dedication to enlightenment, protection, and a balanced evolution.


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