Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


CB21 Pharma: future of cannabis-derived pharmaceuticals

CB21 Pharma: future of cannabis-derived pharmaceuticals

CB21 Pharma has established itself as a competitive participant in the pharmaceutical industry. It is rapidly changing because of its ongoing dedication to quality, innovation, and compliance. CB21 Pharma has recently renewed its EU GMP certification.

We spoke with representatives of CB21 Pharma about the company’s history, accomplishments, difficulties, and prospects for the market for pharmaceuticals produced from cannabis.

Significance of EU GMP certification for CB21 Pharma

Firstly, as CB21 Pharma highlights, the recently issued certificate, SUKLS105303/2023, is a new certification that covers more production sites, certified procedures, and new APIs rather than just a renewal. The importance of this accreditation is bolstering the reliability and integrity of pharmaceutical manufacture. It emphasises their dedication to provide APIs derived from phytocannabinoid in a safe, efficient, and high-quality manner.

However, since its establishment in 2018, CB21 Pharma has rapidly progressed in the pharmaceutical landscape. Thus, we asked about the key milestones and challenges along this journey. As CB21 Pharma says:

“We reached three key milestones”

CB21 Pharma has accomplished key milestones since its founding in 2018. They include GMP certification, ISO 13485 accreditation for medical devices, and the most recent 2023 certification. These accreditations give them the ability to provide a huge selection of premium goods, such as Cannabidiol API, CBD Pharma-Grade, and Refined Cannabis Extracts.

In addition, CB21 Pharma is currently working on a number of clinical trials to expand the labels of their current suppository medications. These items, which are recognized as medical devices, have already proven successful in treating a range of diseases. CB21 Pharma hopes to increase the conditions for which their suppository medications can be prescribed through these trials, broadening their impact on patient care.

Challenges and opportunities in the European market

The European market for cannabis-derived pharmaceuticals faces challenges related to regulatory inconsistencies and the lack of education for prescribing doctors.  There is still a lack of consensus in Europe on the use of cannabis medications. The European Commission has taken no action in response to the 13 February 2019 decision of the European Parliament on the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes, and some Member States are even reluctant to support prescription programs. However, recent approvals of European Pharmacopoeia monographs for cannabis flower and Cannabidiol offer positive signs.

CB21 Pharma believes that working with pure cannabinoids and evidence-based medicine will drive the market towards pharmaceutical consolidation. What is more, the growing legalisation of medical cannabis in Europe offers a fantastic chance to expand our market reach and meet the growing need for cannabis-based drugs.

Looking into the future

Partnerships and international growth are important to CB21 Pharma. Their strategy heavily emphasises collaboration with like-minded businesses and stakeholders around the world, which enables them to offer pharmaceuticals made from phytocannabinoids that are supported by scientific evidence to a large global market.

CB21 Pharma offers contract production of pharmaceutical-grade Cannabigerol as part of its commitment to growing its portfolio of phytocannabinoid-derived APIs. These calculated actions highlight their commitment to supplying the rising demand for cannabis-derived medicines.

In the future, CB21 Pharma wants to establish its position as the top supplier of phytocannabinoids medications. They are well-positioned for long-term growth. All thanks to their investments in R&D, development, and clinical trials as well as their dedication to quality and compliance. The geographical location of the Czech Republic and its progressive regulatory framework further enhance CB21 Pharma’s potential to significantly impact the worldwide cannabis-derived medicinal market.

The commitment to innovation and excellence of CB21 Pharma sets a high bar in their market. Due to their innovative thinking and dedication to quality, CB21 Pharma will be a key player. It may watch as the industry develops and adapts over the coming years.

We also verified that even after possible adult-use cannabis legalisation in the Czech Republic in 2024, CB21 Pharma will not enter the recreational cannabis market. It wants to stay committed to its pharmaceutical purpose. They stand out for their dedication to evidence-based medicine.


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