Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Hemp companies in Europe to follow in 2024

Hemp companies in Europe to follow in 2024

With businesses like Kombinat Konopny, Signature goods, Ukrainian Hemp, and Ekolution setting the standard for industrial hemp cultivation and processing for a range of sustainable goods, the hemp industry in Europe has experienced a boom. These businesses support innovation and environmental responsibility in addition to improving the economic climate.

Poland’s worldwide aspirations: Kombinat Konopny

First, we would like to discuss Kombinat Konopny. With its headquarters located at the former Kombinat Ogrodniczy in Gronowo Górne, close to Elbląg, Kombinat Konopny distinguishes out as a Polish company with global ambitions. The organization, which operates across 40 hectares of fields, is dedicated to achieving remarkable and noteworthy outcomes. Their goal is to make premium hemp products easily accessible to all.

The company produces dietary supplements that are both environmentally and health-friendly, with an emphasis on legal hemp growing within the European Union. Their first stock sale in December 2021 raised 4.5 million zlotych (~1 million EUR) in under 420 seconds, setting a record, which shows that private investors are very interested and trusting in them. Kombinat Konopny intends to strategically reinvest these monies in order to efficiently satisfy consumer needs.

Signature Products: an inventive and sustainable future

Signtaure Products is another business that is leading the road into the future. Signature Products works with the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) to promote hemp’s inclusion in Europe’s social and economic consciousness. The company places a high focus on sustainability, as evidenced by its CO2-neutral shipping, ethical standards, and fair salaries.

To guarantee the best-quality products, the organization offers a variety of evaluations, consultations, and legal support. Signature Products is laying the foundation for a sustainable and creative future in a variety of industries, including food, hemp extracts, cosmetics, and raw hemp materials.

Ukrainian hemp: updating the nation’s sector

Ukrainian Hemp is a forward-thinking company committed to growing and processing industrial hemp in Ukraine using the concepts of the circular economy. The company is a current member of EMPPA and EIHA and has official hemp cultivation licenses. They take part in global research initiatives that optimize hemp farming.

HempPulp® substance, a raw material composed entirely of industrial hemp used in the creation of paper and packaging, is part of their inventive product line. Additionally, they sell cleaned hemp fibers and shives, which are perfect for a variety of sectors, particularly building. Only officially approved seeds from Ukraine, grown especially for the climate of central Europe, are used by Ukrainian Hemp.

Ekolution: Sweden’s top green technology

Swedish startup Ekolution markets itself as a cutting-edge, youthful greentech enterprise. Impact, energy, health, the environment, and climate have to be given top priority in all projects and phases. Sustainable bio-based building materials and systems that are energy-efficient, CO2-negative, and safe for both buildings and inhabitants are produced and sold by Ekolution.

Ekolution® Hampafiberisolering, their flagship product, is currently registered on EPD International. The company plans to build a new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Staffanstorp, Skåne county, with plans to start production in the fall of 2024. Ekolution is specialized in creating building insulation materials for the construction industry, mainly using industrial hemp fibers and shives.

In conclusion, these European hemp fiber enterprises are more than simply corporations; they are trailblazers promoting sustainability, creativity, and beneficial effects throughout the region. These businesses are reshaping the European hemp market with a dedication to sustainable methods.


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