Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Hemp companies in Europe to follow in 2024

Hemp companies in Europe to follow in 2024

Europe has witnessed a surge in the hemp industry, with companies like Kombinat Konopny, Signature Products, Ukrainian Hemp, and Ekolution leading the way in cultivating and processing industrial hemp for a variety of sustainable products. These companies not only contribute to the economic landscape but also champion environmental responsibility and innovation.

Kombinat Konopny: Poland’s global ambition

Firstly, we want to talk about Kombinat Konopny. Kombinat Konopny stands out as a Polish company with global ambitions, headquartered in the former Kombinat Ogrodniczy in Gronowo Górne, near Elbląg. Covering 40 hectares of fields, the company is on a mission to make extraordinary and significant things happen. Their vision is to provide easy access to high-quality hemp products for everyone.

The company focuses on legal hemp cultivation across the European Union, producing health and environmentally-friendly dietary supplements. The success of their record-breaking first stock issuance in December 2021, where they raised 4.5 million zlotych (~1mln EUR) in just 420 seconds, indicates the substantial interest and trust from private investors. Kombinat Konopny plans to reinvest these funds strategically to meet customer needs effectively.

Signature Products: sustainable and innovative future

Another company paving the way into the future is Signtaure Products. In collaboration with the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), Signature Products advocates for the integration of hemp into social and economic awareness across Europe. Sustainability is a top priority for the company, reflected in CO2-neutral shipping, fair wages, and strict ethical standards.

The company provides a range of analyses, consultations, and assistance in legal matters to ensure the highest quality products. From food and hemp extracts to cosmetics and raw hemp materials, Signature Products is paving the way for a sustainable and innovative future.

Ukrainian Hemp: modernising the industry in Ukraine

Ukrainian Hemp is a modern and progressive enterprise dedicated to implementing circular economy principles in the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp in Ukraine. The company holds official licences for hemp cultivation and is an active member of both EIHA and EMPPA. They participate in international scientific projects aimed at optimising hemp cultivation.

Their innovative product range includes HempPulp® material, a raw material made of 100% industrial hemp for paper and packaging production. They also offer cleaned hemp fibres and shives, ideal for various industries, especially construction. Ukrainian Hemp strictly uses certified seeds of Ukrainian origin, specifically cultivated for the central European climate.

Ekolution: leading green technology in Sweden

Ekolution, a Swedish company, positions itself as a young and innovative greentech firm. Their goal is to prioritise impact, energy, health, environment, and climate in all projects and stages. Ekolution manufactures and sells sustainable bio-based building materials and systems that are CO2-negative, energy-efficient, and healthy for both buildings and occupants.

Their flagship product, Ekolution® Hampafiberisolering, is now registered on EPD International. The company is set to construct a new high-tech manufacturing facility in Staffanstorp, Skåne county, with production scheduled to begin in autumn 2024. Ekolution specialises in developing building insulation materials primarily from industrial hemp shives and fibres for the construction industry.

In conclusion, these hemp fibre companies in Europe are not just businesses; they are pioneers driving sustainability, innovation, and positive impact across the continent. With a commitment to eco-friendly practices, these companies are shaping the future of the hemp industry in Europe.


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