Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


A £2M investment for IndiNature

After a successful launch, a second stage capital investment of £2M go for the development of the business of IndiNature .

The company started in 2016 to make natural insulations. IndiNature’s parent company is based in Edinburgh. In their portfolio we can find products for all building types, such as natural fibre thermal insulation batts, semi-rigid natural fibre thermal and acoustic insulation boards and energy-efficient insulation systems. IndiTherm is a flexible thermal insulation batt made from industrial hemp from UK farms.

£2M investment IndiNature – who was the investor?

An investment of £2 million was secured by existing major investor the Scottish National Investment Bank. The funds will go for the development of thermal acoustic IndiBoards and IndiBreathe businesses. With this investment, IndiNature will be able to accelerate growth with capital projects. These include upgrades and additional production equipment to enhance performance and manufacture new insulation products. The investment will also support recruitment for the next stage of IndiNature’s Team, as well as capital projects to further reduce the embodied carbon in IndiNature’s already carbon negative insulation.

The Scottish National Investment Bank’s Executive Director of Investment Portfolio Management, Andy Clapp, said:

We have seen IndiNature go from strength to strength since our initial investment in August 2021. We want to continue to support them through this scale up stage.

IndiNature’s goal

A sustainable built environment improves people’s health and the health of the planet, according to IndiNature CEO Scott Simpson. Up to him, the UK needs to insulate its homes with appropriate materials more than ever. Natural products not only insulate, but they’re also carbon negative. IndiNature wants to continue to develop and manufacture bio-based insulation for retrofits, new builds, and off-site construction. Also they want to focus on high-density thermal and acoustic IndiBoards as well as IndiBreathe systems.

The investment provides the opportunity to appoint the company into the next phase of growth in a growing natural fibre insulation market across the UK and beyond.


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