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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Alexandra Carstea: medical cannabis advocacy in Romania

Alexandra Carstea: medical cannabis advocacy in Romania

In a world where medical cannabis grows in popularity for its potential in reducing suffering and improving the quality of life for patients with various illnesses, Alexandra Carstea, an influential medical cannabis activist from Romania, stands as an inspiration of hope. 

She entered the world of medical cannabis activism because of a real personal desire to reduce the suffering of her mother, Victoria, who received a terminal cancer diagnosis in 2015. 

The story of Victoria, Alexandra’s mother

Alexandra’s mother suffered significantly during her cancer fight, particularly once bone metastases appeared two years after cancer’s diagnosis. The well-being of her mother was seriously affected by the harsh side effects and limited efficacy of conventional painkillers like opioids.

Alexandra’s support for medical cannabis comes from her painful experience of seeing her mother suffer and the weaknesses of traditional therapies. She started off on an emotional and demanding journey, devoting herself to research and interacting with global medical cannabis experts. She became aware of the possibility of medical cannabis at this time to help patients like her mother with pain management and general well-being.

Alexandra Carstea and her mother, Victoria

Alexandra Carstea and her mother, Victoria

The journey towards pain relief

Alexandra decided to get CBD oils, which were lawfully accessible in other European nations. Later, as her mother’s pain continued, she made the difficult decision to use THC oil, despite its ban in Romania and the general stigma surrounding it. The need to give her mother appropriate relief quickly led her to make this choice.

During this journey, Alexandra was most shocked to learn that patients in desperate need of alternative treatments are seen by the judiciary like criminals not only in her own country but in many other parts of the world as well. They cannot access legal treatment programs, which forces them to turn to illegal means of getting assistance. They found networks of patients in Romania who decided to purchase cannabis oil illegally because the legislation did not offer them any other options.

Since her father was a criminal judge and Alexandra was a lawyer, she grew up in a household that has always valued law and order. She never saw herself in a situation where she would doubt the independence or justice of the legal system. But she was forced to face an incredibly unfair reality and the medical cannabis industry’s evident therapeutic promise. 

Pushing the reform in Romanian law

Alexandra’s support of medical cannabis is not only a reflection of her own experience. It also serves as an important reminder of the urgent need to change the way society views and governs medical treatments. It’s an offer for the law to change to reflect the way medicine is practised, to put patient care first, and to treat people in need of help rather than as criminals. Her mother’s struggle served as inspiration for her dedication to pushing for reform, with the goal of enabling others to get this alternative therapy without encountering the same social and legal obstacles that they did.

Apart from her mother’s story, Alexandra feels obligated to disclose that her mother’s experience was truly remarkable. She was given four months to live after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2015. But because of her incredible strength and the availability of medical cannabis, her life witnessed significant changes.

Alexandra was able to relieve her mother’s agony without the need for narcotics thanks to medical cannabis. There was no denying that her mother’s quality of life had improved, especially compared to the days when she had only been able to take prescription painkillers. Her mother lived a life of four and a half years, defying the prediction that she would only live four months.

Her mother’s life improved, all made possible by the usage of medical cannabis. Having personally seen this change, Alexandra felt motivated to act and launch a national petition. The intention was to encourage other Romanians to support the goal of changing the law to allow patients who required it to obtain medical cannabis.

Victoria – legislation in Romania

Her mother died in January 2019, yet her memory remained. That year Alexandra and a committed deputy worked together to write a bill in the Romanian Parliament. All with the goal of legalising medical cannabis. As an addition to honour her mother’s story, this legislation is called “Victoria”. It serves as a symbol of hope and success for patients throughout Romania.

At the end of 2019, the bill passed the Senate, which was a major accomplishment. But it has been sitting in the Chamber of Deputies, the body that makes decisions, for over four years, waiting for a crucial vote. It has encountered many challenges and obstacles, mostly from the Ministry of Health, which has fought this forward-thinking strategy from the beginning.

Alexandra’s path towards advocating for medical cannabis is a tribute to her mother’s legacy, an evidence of her struggle, and a call to action. It’s an appeal for empathy, understanding, and advancement in the way we treat patients and provide them with access to therapies that can actually change people’s lives. The story of her mother serves as a lesson that change is achievable with perseverance, despite challenges. Alexandra Carstea has also developed the CBD brand Victoria Mea, which is more than just a business company. It is a mission-driven effort to improve the lives of patients who require alternative medicines.

Victoria Mea: key goals and initiatives

First of all, the company promotes the harmonisation of medical cannabis laws in Romania. The struggle for legislative change is the central focus of Alexandra’s advocacy. The legalisation of medical cannabis in Romania is her ultimate goal. The “Victoria Law” hasn’t been put to a vote in the Chamber of Deputies yet. However, Alexandra still stands out for patient-centred, compassionate healthcare.

Moreover, they have created a strong network that consists of cultivators, medical professionals, legal professionals, civil society activists, patients, and their families. This network is an invaluable tool for compiling the most current information. Their goal is to provide the most complete information possible to Romanian authorities and decision-makers. Victoria Mea also supports research studies that look into the possibility of using cannabis to treat a range of illnesses.

In addition, Victoria Mea understands the value of information. They know how important it is to give patients’ families the education they require. In order to achieve this, they have collaborated with experts in the industry. They arranged seminars and workshops in Romania. Victoria Mea makes sure that patients have access to current and reliable information. What is more, patients and families are looking for information and assistance regarding medical cannabis all around the world. Thus, Alexandra and her colleagues formed a patient support group. People can there talk about treatment options, share their experiences, and seek guidance. It fosters a sense of solidarity and mutual support amongst patients and their families.

Finally, they have introduced the Victoria Mea CBD brand as a logical next step in their endeavours. This brand is the result of years of advocacy and a dedication to offering excellent products to patients. Their CBD products aim to create a supportive patient community in addition to making revenue.

Next steps for medical cannabis in Romania

In fighting for reform, Alexandra Carstea speaks for countless patients who have profited from medical cannabis. She serves as an example of the changing potential of love, compassion, and the pursuit of justice. Her constant commitment to her mother and, more recently, to all patients in need of medical cannabis access can be an inspiration to everyone.

Alexandra Carstea and her mother Victoria’s journey is a story of tenacity and the influence. She is sending a strong message as she works to bring about change in Romania. Patients should have the freedom to investigate alternative medicines that might greatly enhance their quality of life, and the law shouldn’t impede this.


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