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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


UK: NHS reimbursement for cannabis flowers

nhs uk cannabis reimbursement flower money

A Zerenia Clinics UK patient just became the first to receive NHS reimbursement for cannabis flowers that were prescribed, which is a revolutionary event. This success represents a big step in the direction of requiring insurance coverage for medical marijuana in the UK. For cannabis-based treatments, the NHS has only recently funded a tiny number of patients. This success story thus paves the way for wider access to complementary therapies across the whole country. 

The medical cannabis patient’s journey

The patient has decided to remain anonymous. This person was diagnosed as having stage-four colon cancer and lung metastases in June 2021, according to This patient had chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV). That is why this person considered alternate therapies after learning about cannabis’ possible advantages. The patient had reduction from CINV as well as enhancements in anxiety, mood, appetite, and sleep after receiving medical-grade, THC-predominant cannabis flowers through a private prescription.

The patient learnt how cannabis flowers had improved his well being. Thus, decided to go to his general practitioner to ask for NHS coverage for the treatment. Nabilone, a THC analog, was initially suggested as a treatment option by the NHS funding panel for CINV. However, when Nabilone failed to relieve the patient’s nausea during the subsequent chemotherapy cycle, the patient turned back to cannabis flowers.

The patient visited Zerenia Clinics UK in January 2023. And, since that time, received assistance from the medical director and a cancer pain specialist. In March 2022, they filed a second funding request to the NHS in close cooperation. The NHS panel met on April 20, which was International Cannabis Awareness Day, and approved payment for the patient’s prescription for cannabis flowers with a high THC content.

A milestone in UK medical cannabis market 

Healthcare personnel need to be educated on cannabis and the endocannabinoid system, according to Dr. Guillermo Moreno-Sanz, the global scientific director of Khiron Life Sciences. Cannabis flowers and cannabinoids themselves have demonstrated effectiveness in the treatment of nausea and vomiting brought on by chemotherapy. Dr. Moreno-Sanz expressed concern that the patient needed to spend a significant amount of personal money. Moreover it took more than two years to obtain a choice that should be easily accessible.

The achievement underlines Zerenia Clinics UK’s commitment. This important development opens the door for more people to have access to cannabis medical therapies. However, it also emphasises the value of ongoing education and understanding among healthcare professionals. The NHS initial reimbursement of cannabis flowers symbolises a significant advancement in accessibility and acceptance of non-conventional medical therapies in the UK. Especially, when the UK sees potential benefits in developing the medical cannabis market.


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