Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Medical cannabis companies after legalisation in Germany

Changes on the  market in Germany after medical cannabis legalisation

Medical cannabis legalisation was proceeded in Germany in 2016. Due to the growing demand for this product, several cannabis start-ups have sprung up in Berlin itself over the past few years. First example can be Sanity Group specialising in cannabis medical products as well as CBD oil products. Another one is Demecan which is the only independent German company with permit to cultivate medicinal cannabis in Germany.

A steap ahead in legalising cannabis in Germany

However, the new government is led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz who took power in December 2021. This government wants to go a step further and legalize the sale of recreational cannabis to adults in licensed specialized stores. This would be similar to current legislation in Canada and some US states. Sanity Group co-founder Finn Hänsel has the following comments:

“There will be more start-ups and companies. And there will be a whole industry, a sector being around. From regulation, from delivery to the dispensaries, to the logistics (…) So, I think that it will really be a boom, creating a lot more jobs, creating a lot more tax revenues for the government. So, I actually think, even though it will obviously be competition for us, I think it is good for the market. And to be honest, there is nothing better than healthy competition. “

What is Germany’s cannabis future?

German start-ups place great hopes in the development of the market. There is currently no hard-hitting plan for the implementation of recreational marijuana. However, since the government has a four-year mandate, this is their suggested deadline. More about legalisation path can be found HERE.


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