Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Cannovum Cannabis and POTTBURRI: new partnership

Cannovum Cannabis and POTTBURRI: new partnership

With the latest agreement between Cannovum Cannabis AG and POTTBURRI GmbH, there are now more alternatives for private cultivation of cannabis in Germany, where the market is growing quickly. In addition to addressing environmental issues, this strategic collaboration seeks to change the market by providing environmentally friendly methods for growing cannabis. This agreement represents a crucial step towards market success for Cannovum Cannabis AG given the anticipated legalisation of cannabis.

Expanding the Cannovum partner network

The partner network of Cannovum Cannabis’ majority-owned subsidiary, Anbau-Allianz für Deutschland GmbH, keeps expanding. POTTBURRI GmbH is an innovative sustainable start-up focusing on the creation and sale of eco-friendly and biodegradable plant pots. Cannovum Cannabis has recently welcomed POTTBURRI as their partner. The POTTBURRI plant pot has had significant growth in the market since its creation as an alternative to conventional single-use plastic pots. POTTBURRI GmbH, an exclusive member of the Anbau-Allianz, is positioned to be a key player in the development of private cannabis growing.

The partnership between Cannovum Cannabis and POTTBURRI GmbH not only enhances the Anbau-Allianz’s market position but also shows the two parties’ shared ideals of innovation and sustainability. The Anbau-Allianz sees a modern digital environment that supports sustainable agricultural methods and satisfies consumer demand for ecologically friendly products. The foundation for a successful future in the German cannabis market has been set by this agreement, which will likely accelerate the sale of cannabis to private consumers in the near future.

POTTBURRI and their approach

POTTBURRI is a company from 2019. It aims to reduce the usage of plastic pots in the gardening sector and have a good environmental impact. Their revolutionary products provide a greener option for gardeners and plant lovers. POTTBURRI pots’ product enables plants to grow well while organically breaking down into biomass under normal circumstances. Thus it causes the least amount of environmental harm.

The backgrounds of POTTBURRI’s creators, Antonia Cox and Alexander Cox, are complementary. Their love of gardening started way sooner before they came together to start POTTBURRI. Antonia has a background in media management and an emphasis on communication and marketing. Alexander has experience in wholesale and connections to the green business. Together they have effectively established a network of gardeners, especially in Germany.

Regulatory developments and chance for Germany

The recently released draft of the Cannabis Act places a strong emphasis on plans for private cultivation. Adults living in Germany will be permitted to cultivate up to three cannabis plants for personal use. Cannovum Cannabis AG and its partners are in a good position to take advantage of new market prospects. Together they may meet the changing needs of cannabis enthusiasts.

Strategic alliances between companies like Cannovum Cannabis and POTTBURRI GmbH, for example, highlight the cannabis market’s rapid expansion in Germany. This partnership shows a dedication to sustainability and creativity in addition to expanding the options for private cannabis farming. Focusing on environmentally friendly cultivation methods will be essential for long-term success as the cannabis business develops. The production of cannabis in Germany looks to have a bright future with Cannovum Cannabis leading the way, providing both business prospects and a greener approach to the sector.


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