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Cannabis legalisation in Germany: coalition factions resolve discord

Cannabis legalisation in Germany: coalition factions resolve discord

After months of discussion and debate, the factions of the Ampel Coalition have finally resolved their differences regarding the planned legalisation of cannabis. It marks a historic moment, signifying a significant step towards modern drug policy in Germany. The Vice Faction Leaders Konstantin Kuhle (FDP), Maria Klein-Schmeink (Greens), and Dagmar Schmidt (SPD) jointly announced that the law could come into effect on April 1st, pending approval by the Bundestag.

Finally agreed?

The three faction vice leaders stated:

“The regulations represent a true milestone for modern drug policy, aimed at strengthening prevention and improving health, child, and youth protection.”

The three faction vice leaders emphasise that the proposed regulations represent a significant milestone for contemporary drug policy. The goal is to strengthen prevention and improve the protection of health, children, and adolescents. Moreover, legalisation will help decriminalise consumers and effectively combat the black market. The impact of the law on child and youth protection, as well as the black market, will be under the assessment of the Federal Criminal Police Office.

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) has already proposed the week of February 19th to 23rd for the law’s passage in parliament. However, before the law can come into force, the Bundesrat must also give its consent.

It is crucial for the authorities to promptly evaluate the impact of the law on child and youth protection, as well as organised crime. The expertise of the Federal Criminal Police Office will also be included to ensure a well-founded analysis.

Expected changes in a short term

Reports from within the coalition suggest that no significant changes have been made to the plans. As early as November, SPD, Greens, and FDP had agreed to remove cannabis from the Narcotics Act. As of April 1st, 2024, the cultivation and possession of certain quantities of the drug will be available for adults. Furthermore, as of July 1st, clubs for collective cultivation will be opened.

This legalisation is a crucial commitment from the Ampel Coalition agreement. However, some SPD interior politicians had concerns in January, causing delays in the law’s passage in the Bundestag. Also, the prospect of cannabis legalisation has become a cause for concern among law enforcement agencies in Germany. What is more, the President of the German Medical Association has expressed his hope that the proposed legalisation of cannabis in Germany does not come to force.

The legalisation is a commitment in the Ampel Coalition agreement. Previously, the planned step for the turn of the year 2024 had already been postponed. Particularly, interior politicians from the SPD expressed concerns in January, which led to the delay in passing the law in the Bundestag.

Overall, the impending legalisation of cannabis represents a significant step for Germany towards modern and evidence-based drug policy. We will soon see how the new regulations will fare in practice and what long-term effects they will have on society.


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