Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Prices in Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC) in Spain

How much does cannabis cost in cannabis social clubs (CSC) compared to the typical retail price illegal market in Barcelona, Spain?

Cannabis CSC-s pricing market research

The researchers decided to look at data from four CSCs in Barcelona to confirm cannabis price points. They wanted to compare cannabis pricing in these clubs to averages across the country. Additionally, researchers wanted to determine whether there were any discounts for large quantities.

According to the research, cannabis resin price was more higher in CSC-s in Spain than on the illegal market. The price variations for cannabis flowers were not so big. For flower, no quantity discounts were seen, but for resin, doubling the amount was linked to a 21% price reduction.

The analysis of the data set was not accurate, and the data on national illicit cannabis prices were unclear. Additionally, the clubs from Barcelona that were listed, were members of the Catalan Federation of CSC, which can have different pricing policies than other clubs.

More explanations for the observed price gaps include also differences in product quality. However, the usage of chemicals or pesticides can also influence the final price. According to the research, the resin’s THC content has risen over time. This may have had an impact on the cost per THC unit.

Pricing of cannabis in CSC in Spain – conclusions

According to the study, cannabis prices in CSC-s in Barcelona may be higher than those in the whole Spain. The higher cost of living in Barcelona is one of the potential causes of this pricing difference. Additionally, institutionalised clubs face higher costs than illegal sellers. They have to fulfil safety and legal requirements. Finally, we need to consider market factors like sourcing and product quality.

What is more, pricing policies in CSCs may lead to consumption of lower amounts. However, there still is a question whether higher prices and a lack of quantity discounts may encourage some users to buy cannabis on the illegal market.

Regulations active in Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC) in Spain may work as a template for occurring German ones. CSCs are part of Germany’s plans toward cannabis legalisation.


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